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My very healthy, very sassy Pomeranian started falling over(?) and not being able to stand on slippery surfaces (?)  Then I realized she was having seizures and within a couple days she didn’t get up or eat all day. I spent $1500. at the Emergency Pet Hospital for all kinds of tests.  They revealed nothing so they wanted $1700 to heart monitor her overnight to see what was going on.  I couldn’t afford to spend any more money and took her home on steroid and antibiotic.  She was already acting more alert and lively.  Unfortunately, I didn’t remember that I had giver her the Hartz flea drops until she was better and the vet didn’t seem to know about this.  Once I remembered, I looked it up on-line and found out this is a common problem.  God, I’m glad she survived it.  I normally give her advantage but ran out and found a couple fleas on her so gave her the cheap (lol) stuff.  I only put one drop at her neck and one at her tail – not the full spine as they direct.  I suppose she would have died if I did.

Like others on this site, I don’t have the package or the receipt anymore as its two weeks later now.  This is a crime and Hartz should be forced to pay damages and take the product off the market.

2 thoughts on “Add another victim”

  1. Please see Facebook page “Hartz Products are killing our pets” we are trying to provide helpful information to file reports with the EPA against Hartz so we can get hartz off of the shelves. Hartz will reimburse you for vet bills but you will need to be persistent and document your actions well. Maybe we can help. Sorry for what you had to go through.

  2. My mom gave my lilly ( a cocker spaniel) an over the counter flea medication while I was out of town about a year ago. She also gave it to her cocker spaniel at the same time. They now both have seizures on a fairly regular basis, It has taken some research, but now we now why they both are having these seizures. I can’t believe with all the serious issues pets are having, that Hartz is allowed to keep these products on store shelves. Luckily our babies, have survived, but now have to deal with scary seizures once a month or so.

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