My poor pet

Upon seeing fleas, I went to walmart and bought the Hartz flea collar.  The first month it worked well, but we noticed that Keith would scratch his head even if there wasn’t a flea.  The second month he was covered with fleas, as our kitty loves the outdoors during the warm sunlight hours, and so I bought the better Hartz flea collar.  Fast forward two days and our kitty comes inside and he looks like he has been eaten alive.  He has all these areas where his hair has fallen out, and all of these open sores around his neck.  We call the Vet and the Vet says to take his collar off and come get a Frontline pack, as well as rub neosporin all over his open areas.  After my husband cuts off his flea collar, he calls me at work and tells me that Keith has been bleeding all over his neck.  My husband jumps in the car and gets the frontline (day before Thanksgiving and the vet stays open just to give us this) and applies this to him.  That night I rub neosporin all over his open/hairless areas.  Next day fleas are gone, but our poor kitty is lethargic.  He will not go outside anymore and instead lays on our baker’s rack (which he has never done before) in the corner of our kitchen and will not get up but to eat and poo.  Please anyone tell me what to do to bring our old spry kitty back!!!!!

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  1. I shampooed my pet in Hartz shampoo and my cat had seizures immediately and died within 3 minutes. We found that the poison is in our pets systems.. will take time to work through the body. I found that some bathe their pets in Dawn dish detergent.. (gentle.. but kills fleas) They use it on wildlife affected by oil spills.. maybe it will help.. but will depend on how long the stuff was in your pets system.. watch him closely, keep fluids going.. and watch that he is going potty (if not.. kidney function might be affected) I wish you well. Please see our facebook page, Hartz Products are killing our pets.. we are promoting knowledge about how bad Hartz products are to our pets. We are getting more useful information all the time. anything to help our pets and pet owners not suffer due to Hartz!

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