Tuesday night, Nov. 23, Chester and I were visiting a friend in another state, where he got a tick. My friend had this product in her cabinet, and gave it to me to give to my 20 pound dog. About 30 minutes later, he started panting heavily, and basically freaking out. I took him to the bath tub and bathed him with shampoo. This did not help. I then gave him another bath, with Oatmeal shampoo. This didn’t help. I had to pet my dog all night long to keep him calm. If I quit petting him, he would start shaking and jerking. I stayed up the entire night, petting him. The next morning, his only symptom was shaking his ears. He woud shake and twitch his ears about 30 times a minute, continuously. I took him to the vet where I was visiting, and they said to give him Benedryl. I did for that day, and that didn’t work, so I went back and they have him on Temaril pills and Tresaderm ear drops. I feel like I am one of the lucky ones. I think the baths saved him. I had no idea the seriousness of this product until I came upon this website. What does it take to get this product off the market. My dog lived through this for now, but damage may have still been done…not sure, time will tell. GET THIS PRODUCT OFF THE MARKET What do we do?

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  1. Nancy so sorry for what you had to go through.. You are right- the baths DID help your pet. I gave my pet a bath with Hartz Non Medicated Groomers Best shampoo.. my cat had an immediate seizure and died within 3 minutes! not enough time to save her.. Please see our page on Facebook.. “Hartz Products are killing our pets”.. please file a report against Hartz. the more reports filed. the better chance to get the products off the shelf.. we try to provide useful information that may be helpful to any pets who have suffered due to Hartz. Please join us in our fight to get Hartz off the shelves.. Best wishes and will pray for Chester for a speedy recovery!

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