Another two victims to add to the list

About eight hours ago I applied the Hartz flea treatment to my two cats. Around 1 PM my siamese started seizing so I took him to the emergency vet. As soon as we were told it was probably a bad reaction to the flea treatment I immediately called my brother and had him wash the other cat with Dawn dish soap. Got home and it was already too late for her and the symptoms were starting so we took her to the emergency vet right away. Now both my cats are staying overnight with an IV treatment and muscle relaxers to help with the shaking.

From now on I’m going to warn everyone about the dangers of this product.

6 thoughts on “Another two victims to add to the list”

  1. So sorry to read about your cats; I am praying for them. I wanted to say thank you for this web site; you have likely spared the lives of my four elderly dogs. They’ve been scratching more lately and I wanted them to have another flea treatment to see them thru autumn, but we’re not in a financial position to do this using the expensive treatment from the vets (altho it works well and we’ve never had side effects). I saw the Hartz product on the Walmart web site; it had a customer review saying it’s the same as the expensive brand one purchases at the vets. However, the pics of the packaging didn’t show any of the ingredients, so I went online trying to find them so I could compare for myself with the more expensive product. Thank God! If I hadn’t found this site, I might have given in to the call of the “bargain” Hartz product. We’ve already lost two dear girls to old age in the last few months; I don’t think I could have withstood the loss of another, let alone four; I’m sure at their age that would’ve been the case. How do people who are involved in marketing poisons like Hartz products sleep at night? I would strongly encourage letters to Walmart as well as to the EPA, etc. Thanks again for saving pets’ lives with your information.

  2. sorry you had to go through that with your pets! My pet also suffered seizures, but died within 3 minutes from the time I applied Hartz shampoo. I pray your kitties will be alright. Please see our Facebook page, “Hartz Products are Killing our Pets” as we have provided contact information to file complaints against Hartz to the EPA. The more reports, the better chance of getting Hartz Products off of our shelves.

  3. Unfortunately I’m unable to make any legal claim against them, I had purchased the product weeks before and was saving it for flea season, so the receipt is long gone along with the packaging. (I had done fall cleaning and threw the tubes in a plastic baggie and stored it with the grooming supplies)

    The best I can do is continue to warn others about it, because no loving pet owner would want their pets to go through what soooo many others have.

  4. I gave my dog bath about 2 weeks ago with Hartz shampoo for fleas had bottle for while now. He is ok no signs debateing rather or not give him a bath in dish soap .Shame on Hartz well I got up threw away shampoo will never by anything like that again I would rather spend extra on good stuff.

  5. sorry for what you had to go through Jen! Please see our page on facebook.. Hartz products are killing our pets…. we are hoping so much to get Hartz products off the shelves.. a friend and I started the page to help promote ways to help our pets, file reports against Hartz, get reimbursed by hartz for fees incurred to save our pets.. general awareness etc.. Hoping your pup recovers fully.. awareness is key.. please help us save our pets.. Kindest Regards!

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