I and my wife had no idea about the ills of this product.  We applied it to our dog Daisy two days ago, and it just so happened I couldn’t sleep and I was surfing the web about fleas…for some reason.  She hasn’t shown any unusual behavior but as soon as I read the posts I woke up my wife and we just spent the past 20 minutes bathing Daisy repeatedly in Dawn detergent.  I’m just wondering what I should do from here?  I think my best bet is to contact my veterinary right away…Was just seeing if any of you had any suggestions?

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  1. I am a Registered Veterinary Technician wirh a BS in biology. I have been in the veterinary field for ~30 years. I currently work at Non-Profit veterinary wellness clinic. I ALWAYS tell our client that products like Hartz, Seargents, Zodiac and the like didn’t work very well 30 years ago and are even worse now. We knew the risks then and passed that info along to our clients. Those types of poisons were the best we had then. They didn’t do a good job then and by condensing them into “drops” seems to has made the likelyhood of death higher. Like roaches, fleas have mutated/evolved to be less affected by older poisons. So we as professionals and you as owners must be vilagant and knowledegable on all current and older products, the side effects of all products that we administer to our furry “kids”. All flea/tick/mange medications will effect each individual differently. Some pets may have no problems whatsoever and others may die from just being in the same household with another pet that was treated with a/any product. Finally, do not go for the cheapest flea product “in a pinch”. And, DO NOT purchase heartworm prevention online. The heartworm companies DO NOT sell to online companies. Call them!
    God Bless you and may and all your furry friends have Happy Holidays 🙂

  2. well I freaked initially and then washed her in dawn dishwashing detergent…and she’s been fine. Guess as a biochemistry major i should start reading toxicology reports for whatever I’m putting on my dog…here’s to being naive…Anyways after reading extensive literature about pyrethoid derivatives and the like I was able to make a good conclusion on how I’ll treat my dog from this point forward. Thanks for the response and holiday wishes!

  3. Just because someone identifies themselves as a vet tech doesn’t mean they are telling the truth. Do a little research, you can buy heartworm meds online. The truth is, online pet med companies are affecting veterinary practices’ incomes. Don’t pay their ridiculous markups, buy online.

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