Thank you for this site!!

I discovered earlier today that my pom had a few fleas. We are currently treating our shepherd for geardia and did not have the means to purchase the Frontline products but intended to do so at a later date when my husband got paid again. In turn, we had purchased some items from Walmart which included the Hartz flea and tick drops. Just as my husband was bathing the puppy with Adams flea shampoo I googled the Hartz products and this site came up right away. I told him there was no way in HELL that we were going to use this on our dogs. We discovered this site literally moments before we intended on using these products. I knew that I just had a bad feeling about using them. We decided that it is worth a bit of misery to wait until we can afford Frontline next week. They will all end up dying off after that is being used anyways. I want to kill these fleas, not my dogs!

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