Natural Alternatives For Flea and Tick Treatment

I can’t believe all these stories. I am so sorry to all of you. I beg you all to check into Diatomaceous Earth or better known as DE. Make sure this is the Food Grade DE, the pool grade can kill your pet. I only use Food Grade DE on my pets for flea and tick control. It is mechanical not a chemical kill. You can feed it to your animals daily and dust them with it. It can also be applied to carpets and pet beds. The only thing you have to be careful about is getting the very fine dust coating their nose. So cover their nose or make sure you use down wind of their face in windy conditions. It is totally safe other than that. I have used this and organic control in the yard and have never had a bad problem with fleas or ticks.

3 thoughts on “Natural Alternatives For Flea and Tick Treatment”

  1. I made a comment a few days ago about how my 6 year old female cat died from Hartz Flea and Tick medication. I am back to say that I am actively seeking advise and information about how to get these greedy bastards to stop the sale of these toxic products. I am heartbroken and cannot get past feeling that I caused her death by unsuspectingly using their poison product on my innocent cat. It has been almost 6 days since her passing and I still grieve her loss and want justice for her and for all pet owners. I feel the only justice would be to ban this company from using these poisons to make a profit without any concern for their customers or the customers animal. They MUST be stopped somehow!!!

  2. You can purchase food grade DE at most organic nurseries or garden centers. If you can’t locate it where you are at, I buy mine at Ron’s Organics in Mesquite Texas. There is also a place on the internet called Wolf Creek Ranch that you can order it. I feed my animals the DE everyday and dust with the powder if I notice a problem or keep it on them during the flea and tick season.

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