Another Heartbreaking story

I too bought HARTZ flea and tick and gave my French bulldog a bath. I didn’t know it could be toxic. She started having seizures and died withing 30 to 45 minutes. It was so traumatic. I had no idea what had happened. She was such a joy in my life and I miss her so much. How could this be happening and Hartz is getting away with it. What more can we do to make them pay?

3 thoughts on “Another Heartbreaking story”

  1. Sorry for your loss . I almost. Lost my dog babie in Sept under babies story I called everone I thought would listen no one did. What I can tell you is u can go to fox tentative news to get the word out or channel 5 there was a news story on channel 4 news on Oct 29 2010th about the problem with harts. I called channel 25 news 3 times but they never call me back I think it’s because babies did not die do to the poison from hartz. again sorry for your loss

  2. I just used hatrz on my dog. i had no idea about any of this … until today.. my 12 week old pup has started having seizures and i just put hrtaz flea control on him. i didnt know it was the hartz until i started explaining what he was doing.. i just cant believe this i will not ever use hartz again.. thank god my pup is still healthy…

  3. I lost my 3 yr old grey kitty to Hartz shampoo! A fellow Facebook friend from Canada and I (US) have set up a facebook page for information to help get Hartz off the shelves. “Hartz Products are killing our Pets” – all you will need to do is click “like” and you can view our sites and what other consumers have been affected by Hartz. We have provided contact information to file complaints against Hartz. Call and report to the EPA (governing agency over what products are allowed on our shelves) I am sorry for your loss… but together we will stand against Hartz. May we be successful and get Hartz products off the shelves and save our beloved pets.

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