anything to get this out of their system?

I applied Hartz drops to my dog about a week ago, she seemed to be ok and then all of a sudden she got very weak, cant walk down steps, jump on bed.. and shes pacing around my house, I dont know what to do, I have called my vet and they are closed but had emergency numbers but dont have $119. just to walk in the doors 🙁

I read to give them a bath in dishsoap ( i did that) but its probably already in her blood stream, Its been about a week now! I called poison control and they couldnt (wouldnt) help with out paying $65. first and dont even know for sure they can help!


One thought on “anything to get this out of their system?”

  1. Support the liver and kidneys- vitamin c, milk thistle, liver extract and the most important detoxifier bodies produce- glutathione. The ONLY oral form of glutathione that reaches the liver is lipoceutical glutathione. This is what we use at the sanctuary I run. Also- go to the “Rehab” page of our website. One quarter teaspoon a day per about 25 pounds body weight.

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