my poor cat had to be put to sleep

Two days ago I noticed a few fleas on my cat. I went to petco and purchased a flea and tick spray made for puppies, dogs, cats and kittens from Zodiac. I gave my cat a bath and sprayed this on her. Immediately after her eyes became very wide and would just stare into space, she began twitching, shaking and was non- responsive. She was unable to stand on her own and would just fall over to her side. I took her to the vet emergency care. The first question the veternarian asked was if i had bathed her with flea products. I was handed an estimated $2,000 bill stating that she would need to be put into the hospital for 2-3days to flush her body of the toxins and recover. I was not able to pay that and instead had to have my cat put to sleep.

The report states that she suffered from Pyrethrin Toxicity. She was only six years old. I am in shock that a product that was supposed to help my pet wound up killing her.

There are overwhelming deaths and terrible sideffects due to the use of this product, it should be banned. I want to pet owners to know the danger of this product and get this product off the market. I will not stop here.

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