Hartz Flea Control 30lb and under DOG

This stuff is garbage, my jack russel terrior is having a reaction to the medication. I put on the first treatment 2 days ago, and this morning he started acting strange. Shaking alot and walking messed up wimpering. We bathed him and got it off, is it safe to go to sleep? Is the worst over?

2 thoughts on “Hartz Flea Control 30lb and under DOG”

  1. If I were you, I would take him to the vet to be on the safe side so they can take his blood or run some tests to make sure the harmful/toxic pesticides are gone. Because it was on him for a day or two, theres a chance that there could still be some there or that it was absorbed, and its better to be on the safe side than to just not worry about it and have the chance of your dog dying.

  2. you know I use hartz everything and have had no problems. Frontline and advantage did not work and I was shocked when the cheap walmart brand worked great. You never put any kind of medicated on a pup or animal with a weak system. Seems most everybody on here complaining about baby animals. Any I intelligent experienced pet owner knows not to medicate any baby animal without consulting a vet. And the people that have 5000 dollar dogs but buy the $12 meds shame on you get your priorities straight. ALWAYS consult your vet before trying any new meds not after when it’s to late.

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