SOOO Glad I found this Site in time!!!! :(

Last night I bought the Hartz flea medication for dogs from Walmart and the Sergeant’s flea medication for cats. I knew that it probably wouldn’t have worked 100% liek Frontline or Advantage but I was just laid off from my job and couldn’t afford the $75 it would have been from the vet for the good stuff so I thought this would have been better than them having nothing on…until I googled a search for reviews about the two products. I also bought the Hartz flea shampoo for dogs. I was planning on going home today from work and bathing my animals and putting the flea stuff on them but I’m SOOOOOOO very glad I came across this site in time. I would have absolutely died if I would have caused that much pain and injury to my babies. I will be returning those things back to Walmart tonight and complaining to the supervisor about the side effects of those products, which probably won’t do any good but at least I’ll get it out there and then maybe he’ll do something or say something about it to someone higher up.

I will sell something of mine just to have the money to buy the GOOD flea medication for my pets instead of going the cheap way out and almost killing them. I am also going to complain to the Hartz company and go above and beyond and do everything I can to try to put a stop to stores selling this.

Again, thank all of you so much for your stories and warning on here! I know it’s too late for your pets, but you just saved 2 mini-dachshund puppies, and 3 kittens. 🙂

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  1. I mentioned in another reply that some animal shelters sell the good stuff (Frontline, Advantage, Revolution, etc.) to people on a sliding scale. It’s at least worth checking out with your local Humane Society, SPCA, or other shelter.
    I’m also sorry that you lost your job. I’ve been there before too, but keep your head up and keep on truckin’ because things can change rapidly for the better!

  2. It seems to me that Bayer, Pfiesser, Lilly, Novartis and etc should read this site and provide relief for those of us struggling to keep our pets healthy during this recession. With a 9.6% unemployment rate Americans are making tough choices in regards to their pets. I have worked in the Vet industry for 8 years and never seen it so slow! It’s not because people have fewer pets or that they love them less. In years past these medical companies gave vets and their employees free samples for their pets. This made perfect sense as we were on the front line,(no pun intended) selling the stuff. More recently those companies have pulled back. Yet their profits sore. Yes,its all about the bottom line, but perhaps they should rethink their strategy. The recession will eventually end. This would be an opportunity to do the right thing for pets in need now, while securing loyalty and respect from veterinarians and their clients.

  3. Yeah; you’d think the shelters would sell the flea control at a discounted rate; or at least a little lower than the vets do. I know with my 2 dogs, and 3 kittens, it would cost me $75 per month just for their flea preventative. Then as well as the heart guard for the two dogs. I know it’s a hard time right now for everyone, but some people are having a harder time than others. Then there’s people saying
    If you can’t afford to take care of your animals, then you shouldn’t have them!” But that wasn’t the case for me when I had a job. I could afford to buy them everything they needed and take them to the vet when they weren’t quite acting right. I’ll get back on my feet soon, but until then I’m going to have to find a place that’ll help with the care of my animals. My current vet is a real sweetheart and works with me on the prices since she knows I want to get them the care they deserve, but I’m having a rough time right now.

  4. Hi! I understand about the financial situation but i have a quick helpful suggestion…. if you order frontline/advantage products online through the petco/petsmart websites, it’s only half the price! and i believe it’s free shipping. i made the mistake buying it through the store first then logging online to find the same product half off. A little bit disappointing but i learned! Hope it helps!!

  5. So glad this site helped you! Any pets saved makes the loss of mine more bearable. Please see our Facebook page “Hartz Products are killing our pets” – we offer information that will help file complaints against Hartz to the EPA – the agency that governs what products are allowed on the shelves. Tell everyone you know about Hartz. Your pets will be glad you did!

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