My Yorkie

11/2/2010..I need help. I sprayed hartz 2and1 Flea tick spray on my Yorkie yesterday. Last night my dog was laying and couldn’t get. I toke him to vet they did x rays and blood test and determined his having a reaction from this spray. I have bath him with dish soap. I feed him and gave him water, but he still can not stand up. Is their anything else I can do? and how can I make Hartz pay for my Vet bill? and my missed work? My Yorkie cost me 1000…My email is [email protected]

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  1. Contact Hartz at 1-800-275-1414 and let them know what happened to your Yorkie. Seek reimbursement of your vet expenses from Hartz. If they refuse to reimburse your vet expenses, consider joining a lawsuit against Hartz.

    To participate in a lawsuit against Hartz, please contact:

    Jacqueline Mottek
    Positive Legal Group
    [email protected]
    415.302.5371 (cell)

  2. sometimes it takes a while for the toxins to go through your pets system. make sure she stays hydrated.. and watch her closely.. and if it doesn’t get better talk to your vet.. Hartz should pay your vet bills.. you will have to push them alot.. but you will get reimbursed.. please check out on Facebook “Hartz Products are killing our Pets”.. a site that can help provide information to get you started.

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