Hartz Ultra Guard Plus for Dogs = Emergency Room Visit!

Yesterday around 5:00 pm, my daughter applied the Ultra Guard to our Husky Shepherd, which I recently purchased because I could not afford the HartGuard. Shortly thereafter, she started acting strangely. She would go from droopy and mopey to continuously circling the diningroom table. I asked my daughter what happened to her and she said nothing, only that she had applied the Ultra Guard. I thought our dog was just annoyed that we put the stuff on her. Well, this was getting worse and worse. She would not eat at all – not even her favorite things. This is a dog that would eat anything and everything not nailed down. She kept circling and circling and I started to get concerned. My daughter checked the internet for info and we discovered HartzVictims.org. We immediately washed the stuff off of her. No change. She was still shaking and switching from lethargic to the circling behavior. We called our emergency veterinary service who said to wash her again with dish detergent. My daughter went to buy some and we bathed her again. Still the circling. Our next call to the vet terrified us. She told us that something was going on with her neurologically and we should bring her right down. It was now 10:00 pm. Our emergency clinic was 45 minutes away and it was a gruelling drive. They told us that they had seen reactions to this product in both dogs and cats, with the most severe reactions in cats. We were one of the lucky ones (so far). It seems her actions after her bath were from the toxin which had been absorbed previously and it was hopefully working its way out of her system. The vet told us it was a good thing that we washed it off of her, otherwise she would have absorbed the entire dose and God only knows what would have happened to her then! So five hours and several hundred dollars later, our dog is still alive, but I’m not done with Hartz. I cannot believe that after all of the horrible animal testing they do to test these products before they hit the market, they STILL put them on shelves knowing the dangers they pose. My heartfelt condolences to everyone here who has lost a pet due to this company’s gross negligence and disregard for the wellfare of our pets for the sake of the big bucks. Oh and by the way, they have an excellent “Satisfaction Guarantee & Return Policy”. I wonder what their policy is on legal claims; I’m about to file one.

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  1. Contact Hartz at 1-800-275-1414 and let them know what happened to your Husky Shepherd. Seek reimbursement of your vet expenses from Hartz. If they refuse to reimburse your vet expenses, consider joining a lawsuit against Hartz.

    To participate in a lawsuit against Hartz, please contact:

    Jacqueline Mottek
    Positive Legal Group
    [email protected]
    415.302.5371 (cell)

  2. So glad you washed her off! I am also so sorry you had to go through that with Hartz.. Please check out the Facebook Page “Hartz Products are Killing our Pets”.. it is a site that a Canadian FB friend and I (US Facebook User) has put together to help with issues caused by Hartz. We are trying to get the stuff off the shelves.. but we have also provided numbers and other information to help you get reimbursed for your vet bills. They will stall.. but if persistent you will get reimbursed. We have also provided information for filing a complaint with the EPA (governing agency over Hartz Products and what is on our shelves) More complaints filed.. the better chances of getting this stuff off the shelves so no one else has to suffer the way our pets have!

    I lost my cat after 3 minutes (Hartz “non medicated” shampoo” killed her after a violent seizure. No time to save her.. but hoping our FB page will help others not go through what I have gone through (like so many others have also)

  3. Hey Homermom. I’m so very, very sorry about your cat. How awful. How can they do this? They are aware of the dangers of their products; how are they FDA approved? I can’t understand any of it. So tragic for so many people. I cannot access FB at work, but I will certainly check for your site when I get home. Thanks for your help. I am definitely going to follow up with this. My dog survived, but so many others have died – it’s simply horrific. Maybe together we can have them do what’s right and get their products off the shelves. Ironically, I cannot return the product to PetSmart where I purchased it – they pulled the stuff last month. At least they were smart enough to do that without a nationwide recall. Thank you for your response, and again, so sorry about what happened to you.

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