Woke up to a nightmare

On Friday night (10/28/2010) I was giving my two dogs and my cat their monthly flea treatments. I woke up on Saturday morning (the 29th) and my cat was laying by my front door, convulsing, biting through his tongue, and completely unresponsive. My two year old went up to my cat, Peanut, and began to pet him and trying to wake him up, while my husband ran and grabbed a blanket and I called the Vet. We had a friend over that morning and he agreed to watch our son while we rushed our cat to the Vet. The first question they asked was, “Did you give him a Hartz flea treatment?” I replied yes and they began to bathe him in Dawn dish soap, in attempts to remove as much of the product as possible. They put my husband and I in a room while they began trying to help Peanut. They came in and told us that there was somethings we could try, however they had a cat in the previous week that was in a similar condition. The cat was not nearly as bad as Peanut (they said it was the worst seizing they had ever seen) and the other cat took over four days just to get the seizing to stop. They said we could try it, but they did not think it would work, and that the best thing to do was to humanely euthanize our cat. I looked at my husband, and we decided to go through with it. It would not have been fair to put Peanut through all of that, when the results would more than likely kill him. I sat there, petting him head and apologizing to him, but I could tell that inside he was already gone. After we left I went home and attempted to explain to my son how Peanut wasn’t going to be coming home (his first question when we walked in was, “Where cat go?”). I then went out into the room where we found him. I could plainly see the trail of blood that I had missed in the panic of the morning. From where he first bit his tongue, to the struggle he made to my front door, the span of which was about five feet. I began crying and my husband had to come take me away from the room. This morning (11/01/2010) I woke up and immediately called Hartz to complain. They told me that since my doctor did not do the blood work, it was just my veterinarians speculation of what may have killed him. I couldn’t believe it, considering that the vet’s are trained in the area and it is something she has seen before from Hartz flea treatments. I found this site and decided to share my story, because I do not want others to go through what my family and I did.

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  1. OMG.. I am so sorry you had to go through that.. I, too, had my cat suffer a terrible seizure that killed her in 3 minutes! Please check out my new Facebook page “Hartz Products are killing our Pets” .. we are trying to bring awareness to others about what the terrible products are doing to our pets, but also provide information so you can get reimbursed for your vet bills by Hartz. We are also providing information to help file a complaint with the EPA (Governing agency over what products are placed on our shelves) The more complaints filed.. the better chance we can get this stuff off the shelves so no other pets have to suffer the way ours did! I wish you will in your efforts.. and am sorry for your loss.

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