Hartz flea bath giving pets toxic shock

I had a cat that had a really bad case of fleas, my roommate gave the cat a flea dosage, and the cat licked it off. He had seisures for a full 24 hours, we called an emergency vet line, and the vet on the line told us to give the cat honey, or corn syrup. I just thought I would share this story, as the video I just watched said there was NO treatment for toxic shock or seisures in animals after flea shampoos…..
In my opinion…. people should read the bottles. I am pretty sure it states to not put it anywhere where the animal could lick it off of their body!!

Used Hartz, found this site, gave Nacho a bath…

My friend said I could get feline advantage at Walmart and that it’s safe and effective and stuff. So I went to Walmart. No Advantage. Found Hartz. Thought the lesser price looked fishy until I realized I was buying 3 months worth instead of longer. Decided that getting the fleas gone ASAP was top priority, so I got the stuff. Got home, excited to use it. Applied one dose of Hartz Ultra Guard Pro to between shoulders of cat. Then for reasons I cannot explain I went online to check to see just what I’d gotten myself into. Found this site (obviously).

Bathed cat immediately (within half hour of first application), but as it’s usually my parents who bathe the cat and only if it’s really necessary so I’ve never given a cat a bath before and the cat’s not used to baths. Wished I could have someone help me but decided getting the poison off Nacho quickly was top priority. Had no cat bath so used a little dish soap. What I did was gently scrub his shoulders and back and top of his head with a washcloth wet with the soapy water, then because I couldn’t get him to stay in the bathtub to rinse him I just let him stand on the bathroom tile and dumped several small buckets of lukewarm water over the soapy/poisoned area. (Then used like 10 dirty towels to soak up all the water all over the floor). Used a clean towel to dry off the cat as much as possible, he has short fur and goes out in the rain so I know he’ll dry off quickly and be fine in that respect.

What I want to know is, do you think I got the poison off, or just spread it around to areas he can lick? I just want my cat to be OK!!! I’m not interesting in a critique of my bathing technique, and I have no money for a vet visit unless it’s absolutely necessary. What I want to know is should I leave it and just keep an eye on him or have someone help me bathe him more thoroughly? And how long should I wait now before getting a safer/more effective flea drop treatment?

I eye opener

Hello, My Cat Topher is not a outside cat and when he ventured outside for a hour I was concerned we would get fleas so I put the Hartz flea and tick treatment on him. He imediatly started reaching back where I put the drops and tried to lick himself. With in a few mins he threw up. I slept with him that night to be waken to him shivering to realize he was having a seizure. I woke up my husband and we sat with Topher till he got over being in a dazed state. He has been ok since and I don’t think I would have him if he hadn’t thrown up soon after the treatment. Talked to my Vet to hear this I’m not the ONLY person with the same situation and heard about the deaths from this product. THIS PRODUCT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET!!!! Thank you

My poor Pomeranian Sunnie was poisoned last night too, but he’s doing ok now! Thank God!

I have never used Hartz untill yesterday. I was at my mom’s for the weekend visiting her and my step dad. My mom had one tube of flea drops that she didn’t want to use on her dog, so I decided to use it on my male pomeranian because I have been pretty broke lately and couldn’t afford the advantage flea drops that I usually get. Well, about a half hour later my little pom was in so much distress he was wimpering and crying and scratching at the sites were I applied the poison. So I immediatly gave him a bath and I used reagular dog shampoo. This did not help. He was twitching around trying to get to the irritated site. So I called my vet and she said to wash him with Dawn dish soap. Well, this still didn’t seem to help. By midnight I was trying to sleep with him, I was rubbing his back for hours trying to help him. It seemed like the only time he seemed ok was when I was rubbing his back. By 3 am my husband finally woke up and we took him to the vet. The vet said that they couldn’t find any irritation on his skin, but they gave him a steroid shot and also gave me some medication to give him for a week and a half! When we got back to my mom’s it was 6 am so we decided to go home, so Sunnie could be in a comfortable and familiar place. He finally slept on the way home, and seemed to be doing better. He is still scratching his neck were I applied that poison and seems to be sleeping alot today. But he is eating and drinking and barking at the neighbors cat. When we took him to the vet my husband and I were crying because our little pom was in so much distress. I felt so guilty for putting that poison on him, so I could save a buck. I don’t understand why this product is in the stores. I plan on complaining to the BBB and to hartz directly. I also plan on talking to a lawer about this situation.


My dog, Kirby, had fleas a few weeks ago and we also have two cats, Gracie and D.C. We bought Hartz products at Wal-Mart because we thought it was an inexpensive alternative to the high priced treatment at the vet clinic, we assumed it was just as good. We treated our dog with the “drops” and he’s flea-free now, but we decided, as prophylaxis, to put a flea collar on both of the cats. They have had them on now for about a week, and today, we noticed that Gracie was scratching at hers. My first thought was that she had fleas, or the collar was too tight. I approached her to see what was bothering her, and when I removed the collar (actually- peel off is what I had to do), I was horrified at what this collar had done to my beautiful little calico’s neck. She can’t even hold her neck upright she is in so much agony. The area (about 3 inches x 2 inches) looks like a piece of raw, wet meat and completely furless. I immediately removed the collars from my other two pets and was relieved to see they were not affected. I called the vet and they instructed me to watch for “Hypersensitivity”, which can cause a change in mental status and death. I have an appointment for her tomorrow to get some antibiotics and a check up to see if she is okay. I’m praying she will be. I feel so horrible, I should have known. Hartz needs to go.

Hartz NEEDS to be punished for their actions!

My mom just discovered our cats, Quiglie and Cooper had fleas. She went to a local pet store, where the person assisting her had NO clue what he was doing. When she asked “What’s the best thing for severe flea infestations?” He said “Uhh, I don’t know what the BEST is…” So, my mom left and went to our local Wal*Mart and picked up some Hartz, as it seemed to be a good, known name.

She went home and gave Quiglie a bath first, and rinsed her off good. Then loved on her for about an hour to calm her down from the bath. Then once that was done, gave Cooper a bath, and rinsed and dried her good, and loved on her about an hour.

Cooper is THE most loving cat in the world. Will ALWAYS love on you, and cuddle up.  My mom read online late last night that Hartz is deadly, so she was VERY worried and stayed up all night keeping an eye on the cats. Quiglie seemed fine. When my mom got up at 5:30 to check on Cooper, and she was in the basement, crouching down, and lethargic. So, my mom brought her upstairs to keep a closer eye on her. Quiglie came over to see what was up, and Cooper hissed at her, and batted at her. SO out of character for her. So, at 8, when the vet opened, my mom called and they said bring her in immediately.

My mom took her in, and she had elevated WBC levels, and was nearly poisoned. Her WBC was elevated due to Toxicity. From HARTZ. Our vet said he’s seen MANY cases of this, and has even had pets come in and pass away at his office due to being poisoned with this horrid treatment!

Luckily, Cooper was brought in in time, but, is now on antibiotics to help the elevated WBC, and to kill the TAPEWORM that the fleas caused.

This is a disgusting product! You can’t tell me they don’t KNOW about this! We need to work together to get this off the shelves, and to make SURE that Hartz hears our anger at their product! Tell them the lives lost and the health problems caused by their product. They’re supposed to HELP our pets, NOT KILL THEM!


Kayla,  Owosso, MI

All Info to Report Your Pets Reaction to Hartz Products

Hi, I you have read my story “Hartz Pets Products…..Legalized Pet Posion” You will understand why I have done a great deal of investigation into where we can report your pets reactions to.
I have started a Facebook page Called “Hartz Products are Killing our Pets”.
Please search and join. I have LINKED this website and some others that I have found that are like this. Media reports are LINKED, that we seemed to miss about Hartz being deadly and all the contact info to report your pets reactions to Hartz products .
This is to help all of the people that have gone through what I call “Hartz Hell”, and also if people had to incur vet bills due to the use of Hartz, the info to have your vet send in their report on your pet.

I love this site IT HAS HELPED ME A GREAT DEAL, but I only found it after I had a terrible Hartz story to tell. I do wish I knew about it before I used Hartz so I wouldn’t be a victim…but you don’t think to look until after something BAD happens.

I linked this site to my facebook…no one really read it:( Thought that creating a page (someone that commented on my post had the idea actually…thanks Heather:) people can invite friends to join even if they haven’t used these products or have pets……just to get the word out so we don’t continue to read horror stories about pets suffering and I am sure after reading the page the word will be passed on to people they know with pets.
I have also added Vet info that I aquired about how leathal Hartz can be.
Please feel free to join, it’s open to the public to share stories and help you and all people to get Hartz off the shelves. Plus word spreads FAST on facebook.
Hope all the info in this FB page will help victims report and possibly have vet bills covered by Hartz, mostly if your vet will take the time to send your pets report in to the EPA with your file number that you can get when you report your horror story. Vet reports along with consumer complaits have a bit more weight on the EPA.

Plus the more complaints, as many people don’t know the proper outlets to file a complaint and feel at a loss now can. Every complaint will help REMOVE HARTZ FROM THE MARKET. Plus we can chat and share our info with each other about when we reported and out comes.

All the report info is for Canadians and U.S residents.

When I reported my case and had my vet send in my vet reports that my cats were surrfering from toxicity due to Hartz products, I spoke with one of the main investigators with the EPA. and they are currently investigating MORE into Hartz and erge people to file and report you issue……..please just even find all the info to report on the page even if you do not want to become a member.


That’s the page if you have a hard time finding it in search.

Thanks, hope to see you there and I hope this helps you personally and in the long run have HARTZ PRDUCTS BANNED!!! Pass on the info to everyone you know.

Hoping “Bolonga” doesn’t die.

About an hour ago  I used Hartz Ultraguard flea treatment on our cat Bolonga. We’ve just had him 3 months and I’m not sure how old he was when we got him (somewhere around 9 weeks), but our family has become very attached to him!  I got online to research Hartz just to see if it was effective in getting rid of fleas and I came across this site. I’m horrified at the post I have read! I am SO scared I will wake up in the morning and find him dead! He is my 2 year old son’s very best friend. :'(…. I put it where it told me to, but he is still able to scratch that area and I’ve seen him licking his paws.  I’ve tried bathing him in Dawn dishwashing liquid, but goes nuts, and I know that the bath was not good enough. With all the post I’ve read and knowing that there are others that has had an animal to die from the product that hasn’t posted on this site shouldn’t there be something that can stop them from selling this product?!?!

I am such a wreck thinking he is going to die!!!! I can’t help but to cry!!!! If this product kills our Bolonga I’m going to be very very upset! (PS my 2 year old named him) 🙂


tonighg im sitting here with my wife and daughter watching my 8 week old pup DIE after using the hartz shampoo,i freakin hate you hartz people who keep this product on the market ,i hope that one day one of your familys buy this product by mistake and you have to see the pain in your childrens eyes so you get the point,i thinik that is what it will take for you money hungry b****terds to get it right now i hate you all the tears in my daughters eyes are killing me and lets not forget the flea treatment that killed my cat when she found her in her last seconds of tring to stand an he cryed out for help.you people need to be suied suied and suied CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT.IF SOME LAWER WANTS TO JUMP N ON THIS I WILL PAY A FEE TO GET IT STARTED ,i want to see u people face to face.CRAIG BOUTIETTE LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY


i recently found fleas on my dog, so i went to petsmart and purchased the hartz flea drops for my dog and grabbed some for my cat , just incase.

immediatly after i applied it on my cat he became frantic , trying to lick at it and scratching it. i rushed him to the bath and tried washing it all off, i thought maybe it would go away, my husband said he was up all night running around like a maniac  crying, the whole next day he was crying and hissing at us and trying to hide in small places, it was not like him at all.

so i started to look up this product and found this website, if i never found it i dont know what would happen, so i rushed him to the emergency clinic and they gave him some muscle relaxers and some fluids.

we gave him another bath with dawn last night, and are hoping when we get home today hell be better, we also have to give him more relaxers by mouth, which he doesnt like.

something needs to be done about this issue.

im gonna post this website on facebook so everyone i know with pets can boycott this product.

thanks for this website , next time ill research products before i use them.