Hartz killed BOTH of my cats!! And now I cry…..

About 2 weeks ago, I put Hartz Flea drops on my 2 beautiful persians, Casper and Lacey. I have had my babies for about 5 years, spent almost $1000 on them, and now a thoughtless purchase of a $10 product that I ASSUMED was safe has put them both in the ground. I am heartbroken and tears fall as I write this. And I am outraged. I usually buy Advantage. This time, my kitties rapidly broke out in a massive flea infestation and I have a 10 month old crawling around on the ground who was eaten alive within a couple days. So I couldn’t wait for the Advantage to come in the mail, I went to my local Safeway and picked up the Hartz, the only product they carried. I figured it would HELP somewhat until the Advantage came. Because of having a little guy right now, my cats were kind of ignored by me and my husband (well, he always ignored them) lately. I noticed they were hiding a lot and I wasn’t seeing them much, but didn’t really think anything of it, I mean they are cats, all they do is sleep. I woke up a week later to find my Casper under my bed, dead. WHAT???!!! I went to check out Lacey, and she was alive, but nearly lifeless, she couldn’t even move and had starved herself for the last week so she was skin and bones… and I knew it was too late. I went online and found all these sites for victims of this punishable crime and have not stopped crying since. I woke up the next morning and Lacey was in the living room, underneath the table wrapped in a blanket that I had put her in the previous night to try to comfort her, and she too had passed away. I killed my cats. I had killed my babies. I am mortified, heartbroken and angry as hell. I can still see their bodies in my head, peaceful, but all I can think is how terrified and pained they must have been in the last week of their lives. And how much I have neglected them the past year. And that I hope they know I didn’t do this to them. RIP Casper and Lacey, mommie loves you.

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  1. FUH – I am so sorry for your loss.. but you did not kill your cats.. Hartz did… I have tears in my eyes as I type this message to you…. I, too, lost my cat to Hartz on 8/22/2010. Please know that there are others out here.. that know what you are going through and what your cats went through.. I and a new Canadian friend I met on here.. started a Facebook page.. to promote awareness of Hartz products and how to file a complaint with the EPA.. (the agency that governs what is put on our shelves) We have reported to the EPA what Hartz has done to our pets. Our FB page.. is “Hartz Pet Products are killing our Pets” … Our goal is to flood the EPA with requests to remove Hartz products from the shelves.. the sooner the better.. that way our pet’s death’s won’t be in vain. .if it saves other pets.. and unknowing owners..please accept my sincerest condolences… RIP Casper and Lacey!

  2. I feel like I killed our kitty, too. Only doing what all of us loving and caring pet owners do…Try to soothe them from nasty fleas. Hartz flea drops killed Lily today. I never expected to find so many sad stories and wish I had come across them before 3 PM this afternoon. I found her at 10PM foaming at the mouth with convulsions. Washed the stuff off immediately, then held her has she died in my arms. This is just unbelievable to me that Hartz would continue to sell this product since I now see the numerous complaints. This stuff must come off the shelves NOW!

  3. Why doesn’t the EPA do anything substantial about Hartz? They have gotten, what, 40,000 complaints or so about Hartz? Isn’t it clear that Hartz is a CRIMINAL corporation? This leads me to believe that the EPA has been bought; paid off BY Hartz to do nothing. Is the EPA just as corrupt and incompetent as Hartz is? Why no PROGRESS in this? It’s been going on for decades. It’s about time they DID something.

    Gary Schooley

  4. I am sorry to learn about your loss. Perhaps it’s time to sic Dateline, 20/20, and John Quinones via that popular show, “What Would You Do?” on Hartz. Pitch to him that he needs to do a story on “What would you do if you went to the supermarket or drugstore, and bought a Hartz product and it killed your pet?” Then get Quinones to do his job–and investigate why nothing is being done about this pet poison on the shelves.

    If Quinones won’t do it, try Jesse Ventura. His Conspiracy Theory Show would probably look into it. I am sure that Ventura and his Investigative Staffers have pets. He’d probably do an expose on Hartz.

    Hartz has been around for years, decades–and I never heard about its products killing pets until recently. They must have changed their formulas to keep up with the competition, but somehow something’s gone wrong. It needs to be checked out and aired in the public airwaves if that’s what it takes to save our pets.

    Once that one media outlet carries a hot story like this, the other media outlets join in on the bandwagon because they are all serving the public interest since they are using the public airwaves for profit.

    The National Enquirer would probably appreciate a tip like this. They like to send out investigators to look into matters. Geraldo Rivera–any celebrity associated with PETA could also get this out.

  5. Gary.. I appreciate your feedback.. I have started a facebook page designed to help people file complaints with the EPA.. and also get reimbursed for vet bills by Hartz.. We are doing whatever we can to get Hartz off of the shelves..and trying to find safer alternatives at the same time.

    please see “Hartz Products are Killing Our Pets” A facebook friend from Canada is providing information from her point of view.. while I am trying to get information for the US side.. so we can do whatever possible to get this stuff off the shelves.. Considering calling a few elected officials.. to see what options we have.. coz this has to STOP! and soon! Too many people and pets are suffering…

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