Hartz “Control” Flea & Tick shampoo hazardous

We adopted a small 10 lb dog and after having her for 3 months gave her a bath using the Hartz “Control” shampoo. By the end of the day our dog was throwing up and had diarreah. After 2 days we took her to the vet and after two days with the vet and numerous blood tests they could find nothing. She was given medication and a special formulated dog food and we followed the procedures for feeding her for the next week. Suddenly my brain kicked in and I felt like an absolute fool because I remembered we had the same problem about 15 years ago, when we used a Hart flea drop product on another dog we had and she also became very ill. At that time the vet again could not find anything wrong and we finally came to the conclusion it was the drops after finding out a number of other consumers had the same problem. I feel like an idiot. I will be phoning the vet not that I expect they will listen to me but who knows. Don’t, ever, ever use any hart flea or tick products!

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