Info….all contats to report to are here…lets take Hartz down!!!

Hi, a friend and I strated a facebook page with all the info for people to REPORT their pets reactions to. When we started the page we…well I was rushed as I was so mad at Hartz just going through a terrible ordeal with my cats and vet bills.
My origainal story “Hartz….Legalized Pet Poision” , then I had added another post with the facebook page.
Well now with some time we have figured out how to set up a page properly. we still have the old one…it’s a chat page, but please feel free to join the new one. All contact info is there, links to videos and picture of side effects. You can share your story and help you with reporting and if you incured vet bills, get Hartz to pay you back fo what their products did and cost you in the long run.

We love this site, this site helped me when I had my cats almost at deaths door. We have linked this site to the page as well.

“Hartz Products are Killing Our Pets” is the page, below is if you cannot find it well.!/pages/Hartz-Products-Are-Killing-Our-Pets/127006737354810

If you want to join, click “like” at the top of the page and you can post your story, question and tips. Any info you find about Hartz…please feel free to ask us to link it or note it so people can read.

Our mission is to get everyone to file a complaint with the proper governing bodies that allows Hartz to still be on the market. Also if you incured vetting, have your vet send in your bills and statements that say that your pet was there DUE TO THE USE OF HARTZ products. We need as many many people and vet to complain to get Hartz removed from the shelves.

Thanks, this is a great site and outlet for people to get the word out about Hartz:)

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  1. I second that!… I checked today at the Super Walmart that just came into town.. they have less Hartz products than the did a month ago.. and the tags are not there to fill the empty holes… YAY!!! Maybe we are making progress.. I am hopeful… God willing, no other pet shall have to suffer the ill effects caused by Hartz products. 🙂

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