i am so glad that i found this site in time…

i have two cats now, and two days ago i brought home a new cat…well long story short i gave the cat back, anyways i noticed my cats were itchy not like them they haven’t had fleas in 12 years so i figured it must of been from the new cat so i went to the store and bought flea spray from raid, a flea comb and hartz ultra guard pro flea and tick drops..came home completely disinfected my room then it was on to my cats i used it on one of them(the one that was itching a little bit more than the other one and he was all set so i went to look for my other cat couldn’t find him-oh well i would deal with him later…it has been only 6 hours that the stuff was on him and i found this site so i immediately gave him a bath with my John Paul Pet oatmeal shampoo for sensitive skin and blow-dryed him clean…i noticed there was one flea in the tub dead so i flea combed him-nothing flea combed my other cat nothing…my other cat seems alright, but should i put frontine on them tomorrow or wait it out?

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  1. my vet recommended useing dawn dish soap to get the treatment off cause its a degreaser and it gets the residue from the chemical off the animal that normal animal shampoos wont get off

  2. I wouldn’t recommend any additional flea treatment right now.. your cats body has gone through a reaction to the product. I would get a vet’s opinion before putting any treatment on your cat.. not sure how much of the product was absorbed into his/her body. At least then you will know. Dawn is a degreaser.. but is also a great flea killer.. I would use that in the meantime.. until you are ok’d to give your cat the frontline treatment. Better safe than sorry.

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