Mario is sick from kitty milk

I adopted my kitten Mario when she was just a week old.  Her mom “threw her away,” and I couldn’t just watch her die.  I went to the local Tractor supply and got the PetAg milk.  She was fine.  When we ran out of milk, luck would have it they were out of PetAg.  I went to WalMart and got the liquid Hartz milk replacer.  Mario was still fine.  The day before yesterday, they were out of the liquid so my husband bought the powdered.  It’s 7:45 now and we’re waiting for the vet to open.  My almost 6 week old Mario has been throwing up and having diarrhea ALL night.  Now she won’t open her mouth to eat when her usual self tries to take off your fingers to get her bottle.  I have gotten so attached to Mario and have been crying since we’ve been up.  She doesn’t want to eat any and won’t try to walk.  DO NOT FEED YOUR KITTENS THE POWDERED KITTEN MILK REPLACER.  She was fine until we fed this to her.  I just hope they can help Mario.

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  1. Cure for Hartz Milk Replacement formula

    This is story of my kitten Fat Mike. He was healthy, playful kitten before Hartz milk replacement. His mother was too exhausted and underweight to continue nursing him and his sister. So at that point I needed to switch them to milk replacement. I chose Hartz milk replacement and needles to say that after a couple of days giving them this product both of my kittens felt ill. Mike felt very ill. Symptoms were very similar to those described by other reviewers. When I found him in the corner Mike was very disoriented, could not walk. He would try to crawl but instead would throw himself to the side, growling in pain. His pupils were very dilated and his tummy was almost a size of a tennis ball( he is 3-4 weeks old). His eyes would not move would not follow me, instead he would just stare. I’ve seen cats die before and he was defiantly on the same path. We grabed him and drove to 24 hour emergency as fast as we could. He would scream over every bump on the road, scream every time I would move him. That’s how bad his stomach ache was. When we brought him in he was not moving except trying to crawl when moved by the vet, crying in pain. He looked like his is not going to make it.
    This is what vet did and I owe her the world for this:

    1. She gave him medicine to throw up(and was surprised that Mike was the first pet they ever seen not to trow up on that stuff)

    2. She gave him shot of Benedryl

    3. She pumped his stomach with saline solution until all of that “milk’ came out.

    4. Made him to go pee(using wet cotton ball)

    Important: When we arrived at the vet. they had to put Mike in the incubator since his body temperature was dropping. It is crucial as soon as you see your kitten ill to keep him warm, may be wrap him in the blanket and keep him close to your body to give him warmth.

    PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR KITTEN. Ask your doctor to do the same if your kitten ends up ill after having Hartz milk replacement. At one point on the way to the vet I thought that he was already gone. That’s how bad he looked at the time.

    After Mike got his stomach pumped vet said that he literally came to life. End after they made him go pee he felt even better.

    This is how Hartz formula kills kittens. Hartz milk replacement has no milk products in it and is strictly whey based. It is also has outrageously high crude fat content of 40% vs. formula from the vet. that has no whey products at all, milk based and has crude fat content at 18%.

    Real (cow) Milk has a laxative effect. It helps kittens digest formula and enables them to poop. Whey base Hartz formula on the other hand turns formula into this mass in kitten’s little belly and sends poor animal to a very painful death. Kittens are not able to poop that stuff out and it is slowly poisons them.

    Of course whey is cheaper then milk so its not hard to see the reason behind Hartz decision on keep selling that poison( and not cheap at all).

    There is no limits to Hartz cruelty and they need to be stopped. But before that keep your pets alive, ask your vet to do the same procedure as they did for Mike. We really dodged the bullet this time and as for Mike he is all better and busy bulling his sister around.

    I wish you all the best and Good Luck.

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