Hoping “Bolonga” doesn’t die.

About an hour ago  I used Hartz Ultraguard flea treatment on our cat Bolonga. We’ve just had him 3 months and I’m not sure how old he was when we got him (somewhere around 9 weeks), but our family has become very attached to him!  I got online to research Hartz just to see if it was effective in getting rid of fleas and I came across this site. I’m horrified at the post I have read! I am SO scared I will wake up in the morning and find him dead! He is my 2 year old son’s very best friend. :'(…. I put it where it told me to, but he is still able to scratch that area and I’ve seen him licking his paws.  I’ve tried bathing him in Dawn dishwashing liquid, but goes nuts, and I know that the bath was not good enough. With all the post I’ve read and knowing that there are others that has had an animal to die from the product that hasn’t posted on this site shouldn’t there be something that can stop them from selling this product?!?!

I am such a wreck thinking he is going to die!!!! I can’t help but to cry!!!! If this product kills our Bolonga I’m going to be very very upset! (PS my 2 year old named him) 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hoping “Bolonga” doesn’t die.”

  1. Well, now it’s just a waiting game… Bolonga has done nothing all day, but sleep and that’s not like him. He is always such a bouncy cat, so full of life.

    I’ve talked to the vet and she said to bathe him again in Dawn dishwashing liquid, and he may come out of it and he may not. 🙁 he’s still the same after being bathed…


  2. Sorry for what you are going through! Please check out our Facebook page, “Hartz Products are killing our pets” this page has been set up to help awareness of Hartz Products and also file complaints with the EPA (governing agency over what products are on our shelves) We also provide information to help get reimbursed for any fees incurred by vets bills.. making Hartz pay for them.. You will need to be persistent. but they will pay them. Please let us know how Bolonga does.. so hoping he doesn’t become another casualty of Hartz products!

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