Hartz NEEDS to be punished for their actions!

My mom just discovered our cats, Quiglie and Cooper had fleas. She went to a local pet store, where the person assisting her had NO clue what he was doing. When she asked “What’s the best thing for severe flea infestations?” He said “Uhh, I don’t know what the BEST is…” So, my mom left and went to our local Wal*Mart and picked up some Hartz, as it seemed to be a good, known name.

She went home and gave Quiglie a bath first, and rinsed her off good. Then loved on her for about an hour to calm her down from the bath. Then once that was done, gave Cooper a bath, and rinsed and dried her good, and loved on her about an hour.

Cooper is THE most loving cat in the world. Will ALWAYS love on you, and cuddle up.  My mom read online late last night that Hartz is deadly, so she was VERY worried and stayed up all night keeping an eye on the cats. Quiglie seemed fine. When my mom got up at 5:30 to check on Cooper, and she was in the basement, crouching down, and lethargic. So, my mom brought her upstairs to keep a closer eye on her. Quiglie came over to see what was up, and Cooper hissed at her, and batted at her. SO out of character for her. So, at 8, when the vet opened, my mom called and they said bring her in immediately.

My mom took her in, and she had elevated WBC levels, and was nearly poisoned. Her WBC was elevated due to Toxicity. From HARTZ. Our vet said he’s seen MANY cases of this, and has even had pets come in and pass away at his office due to being poisoned with this horrid treatment!

Luckily, Cooper was brought in in time, but, is now on antibiotics to help the elevated WBC, and to kill the TAPEWORM that the fleas caused.

This is a disgusting product! You can’t tell me they don’t KNOW about this! We need to work together to get this off the shelves, and to make SURE that Hartz hears our anger at their product! Tell them the lives lost and the health problems caused by their product. They’re supposed to HELP our pets, NOT KILL THEM!


Kayla,  Owosso, MI

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