All Info to Report Your Pets Reaction to Hartz Products

Hi, I you have read my story “Hartz Pets Products…..Legalized Pet Posion” You will understand why I have done a great deal of investigation into where we can report your pets reactions to.
I have started a Facebook page Called “Hartz Products are Killing our Pets”.
Please search and join. I have LINKED this website and some others that I have found that are like this. Media reports are LINKED, that we seemed to miss about Hartz being deadly and all the contact info to report your pets reactions to Hartz products .
This is to help all of the people that have gone through what I call “Hartz Hell”, and also if people had to incur vet bills due to the use of Hartz, the info to have your vet send in their report on your pet.

I love this site IT HAS HELPED ME A GREAT DEAL, but I only found it after I had a terrible Hartz story to tell. I do wish I knew about it before I used Hartz so I wouldn’t be a victim…but you don’t think to look until after something BAD happens.

I linked this site to my facebook…no one really read it:( Thought that creating a page (someone that commented on my post had the idea actually…thanks Heather:) people can invite friends to join even if they haven’t used these products or have pets……just to get the word out so we don’t continue to read horror stories about pets suffering and I am sure after reading the page the word will be passed on to people they know with pets.
I have also added Vet info that I aquired about how leathal Hartz can be.
Please feel free to join, it’s open to the public to share stories and help you and all people to get Hartz off the shelves. Plus word spreads FAST on facebook.
Hope all the info in this FB page will help victims report and possibly have vet bills covered by Hartz, mostly if your vet will take the time to send your pets report in to the EPA with your file number that you can get when you report your horror story. Vet reports along with consumer complaits have a bit more weight on the EPA.

Plus the more complaints, as many people don’t know the proper outlets to file a complaint and feel at a loss now can. Every complaint will help REMOVE HARTZ FROM THE MARKET. Plus we can chat and share our info with each other about when we reported and out comes.

All the report info is for Canadians and U.S residents.

When I reported my case and had my vet send in my vet reports that my cats were surrfering from toxicity due to Hartz products, I spoke with one of the main investigators with the EPA. and they are currently investigating MORE into Hartz and erge people to file and report you issue……..please just even find all the info to report on the page even if you do not want to become a member.!/home.php?sk=group_115794381814426

That’s the page if you have a hard time finding it in search.

Thanks, hope to see you there and I hope this helps you personally and in the long run have HARTZ PRDUCTS BANNED!!! Pass on the info to everyone you know.

3 thoughts on “All Info to Report Your Pets Reaction to Hartz Products”

  1. I have lost a pet do what I think was the Hartz flea, I treated her on a Thursday and she died in my Monday night. I feel tht If I hadn’t used the Hartz she would be alive today. I have never had a cat die in my arms. I called the 1-866 number but all I got was automated voice I did leave a message but so far no one has called back.

    I think that all the people whose pets get sick/die should get together and file a class action against and make them take it off the market. And that way pets can be safe from posioning.

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