I had no idea.

I have a huge problem with ticks and my dog, I’d left him with someone and they let him out he was taken to the pound..I suspect that’s how he got the ticks. Well my mother couldn’t stand the idea of the house getting infested with them, so she bought Hartz dip, Hartz topical treatments, Adams shampoo, Hartz yard spray, Hartz dog spray, and Hartz house spray..this was about a year ago. She spent about $75.00 ..I was happy though that she was helping me, I dont have a job and she usually leaves me to take care of our pets..So I used all of them for about 3 months..I dipped my dog in this tub outside every 3 days or so..and I’d bathe him with the Adams shampoo at the same time..He enjoyed most of it, because I’d itch where the ticks had bit him. I used the lawn spray and the house spray, oh and she bought some kind of Dog powder too, also from Hartz. Things were looking better but my dog was always sleeping, and didn’t jump up to see my anymore, or eat as much as he used to..i figured its because he’s getting old..After the Adams shampoo ran out, all I had left was the powder, and the dip and the lawn spray. He didn’t have much left on him, so I assumed all was well. Well it wasn’t his behavior still hadn’t changed he, and now I was seeing more and more ticks..But I still just figured, its getting hotter what can you do. But when fall came he was almost as covered as when I first got him back from the pound, and I would clean him EVERYDAY for at least 1hr!! It never dawned on me that it was only the Adams shampoo working, not everything else..I even remember testing out the products on ticks i’d picked off of him. NONE OF THEM WORKED! the ticks would slow down if anything, but they wouldn’t die. I said forget it and threw out all the Hartz products. My dogs’ mood improved, he would play more, he would eat more..he was back to his old self..and I just kept using Adams Shampoo. Well now I need something else, because I can clean ticks off him all I want, but they just end up back on him when he goes outside. So i went looking for something even better maybe frontline, but I came across this website. I had absolutely no idea that Hartz was so dangerous to animals. I knew to stay away because it barely worked, but if I’d known that it could’ve killed my dog I wouldn’t have used so many different products on him. I feel very lucky that he didn’t die after going through all of that. It sucks that pet owners can be taken advantage of like that.

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  1. I use Revolution. Even though I’ve got cats, Pfizer makes Revolution for dogs too, and it kills fleas, ticks, earmites, mange, and heartworms. You do need a prescription for it, and it is a bit pricey (I get it from the vet), but it is well worth the cost. I hope this helps and I am so glad that your dog is OK! Hartz is nothing short of poison and it needs to be taken off the shelves!

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