tonighg im sitting here with my wife and daughter watching my 8 week old pup DIE after using the hartz shampoo,i freakin hate you hartz people who keep this product on the market ,i hope that one day one of your familys buy this product by mistake and you have to see the pain in your childrens eyes so you get the point,i thinik that is what it will take for you money hungry b****terds to get it right now i hate you all the tears in my daughters eyes are killing me and lets not forget the flea treatment that killed my cat when she found her in her last seconds of tring to stand an he cryed out for help.you people need to be suied suied and suied CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT.IF SOME LAWER WANTS TO JUMP N ON THIS I WILL PAY A FEE TO GET IT STARTED ,i want to see u people face to face.CRAIG BOUTIETTE LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY

One thought on “hartz KILLED 2 PETS OF MINE”

  1. Hi Craig,

    So sorry for what you are going through.. THere are a few class action lawsuits going on. I have read a few posts on here from attorneys that have provided information to call them to join the suit… Best of luck.

    I lost my cat in 3 minutes due to a “non medicated” shampoo from Hartz.. violent seizure.. and no time to save her.. We were devastated.. I, along with a fellow pet lover Canadian FB friend, have set up a Facebook Page “Hartz Products are Killing our Pets” please check it out. .we have information to help file complaints with the EPA and also get reimbursed from Hartz for any vet bills you incur.. Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss.

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