Neurological problems for my cat

I just recently found this site……..glad there are people speaking out about this product as I have had no luck getting pet stores to take it off of their shelves.  My cat Punky Sue immediately had problems after applying the flea and tick ointment to the back of her neck.  She began to frantically dash around the room………..I tried rinsing it off of her but we rushed her to the emergency vet where they gave her IV’s to try to rinse out her system.  She survived, but the vet said she was touch and go………She STILL has residual affects from the product but at least she’s alive

One thought on “Neurological problems for my cat”

  1. In Jan this year I lost 3 of my cats after using Sergernts flea spay. A 4th one got really sick but managed to pull her through. Severaql of my other cats seem to have some memory problems after using the spray. One of my cats had terrible seizures for about 20 minutes before dying. I am part of a class action I want this product off the shelves.

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