My cat Jughead became a completely different cat

Our sweet Ragdoll Cat  got fleas about 2 months ago.  They got into the house as well.  I was at my local grocery store and brought Sargents Flea drops for my cat.  I came home and put them on my cat.  I did not put two and two together but he started acting very bizarre for him.  He was jumping on the dining room table, the island, glass shelves where our stereo is and on the TV console and sit in front of the TV and look at you.  He would go from piece of furniture to another as you chased him off.  He was so defiant.   Looking back he was drinking a lot of water.  He is typically a very sweet and loving cat.  He likes to sit by me on the couch or at the computer..actually he follow me all around.  He is a Ragdoll cat so they lay on their back with their feet straight out.  He no longer did any of this.  He actually moved outside.  He slept on a chair on our deck or a chair on our front porch.  He would come into eat and have a snack and then he wanted out and out now! I did not understand what had happened to him.  I thought maybe he still had fleas.  I went to Petco yesterday and talked to the person who specializes on cats and dogs.  She asked me if I had used over the counter flea drops and I told her yes I had. She told me that there could be a definite change in temperment in a cat from the drops.   She said she had worked at a vets office for 5 years and this stuff should be banned.  She told me that it is like putting pesticides directly into your cats bloodstream. I left Petco in tears and came home and  held my cat and told him how sorry I was for doing that to him.  She suggested I give him a good bath in Ivory..which I did and he did not like it.  Anyhow, we have been giving him extra love, brushing and snacks (not too many snacks).  He is acting somewhat like his old self.  I really miss him sitting next to me in his spot on the couch.  If  I had anything in his spot he would expect me to move it for him.  He is really a funny guy!  We are just hoping that Jughead gets back to his old self..These companies are so greedy.  They have to know by all of the stories that this stuff is poison.  It needs to be taken off of the shelves.  Beloved pets are dying or getting very, very sick or acting bizarre from this stuff they are making.

I don’t know what it is going to take I am just letting anyone I know with an animal to now use Sargents, Hartz or any other over the counter flea drop.  The vet told me the safest one is well as Fronline.

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