Close Call!

I am thanking my lucky stars tonight with tears in my eyes that my beloved 14 year old Falkor is, so far, one of the lucky ones.  I purchased Hartz Ultraguard on Saturday and applied to both my cats.  I had used the product a few times before, but still made sure to read the packaging.  There was absolutely nothing on it that said it could be such a serious health risk to my “Furry Furies” , in fact I was concerned the dosage might not be enough, seeing as both Falkor and Tinkerbelle are larger than average (Well, Falkor-Fuzzy Butt is larger, Tinker the Stinker is just fat).

Last night I noticed Falkor was listing a bit as he was coming towards me with a fluffed out tail.  Less than a minute later I’m on the phone with my sister, a dog breeder, crying my eyes out and begging her to hurry as I try to hold his convulsing body tight against my chest to prevent him from hurting himself.  Thinking he might be choking in something, I used the heimlich maneuver on him a few times, but got nothing but drool.  Not long after that he urinated on me,  and eventually Falkor’s  seizure stopped.  It probably only lasted a few minutes but it was one of the most terrifying moments of my life!  I just couldn’t stop crying, and he was definitely still feeling the affects when my sister finally made it to my home to check on him.

This morning I was at my vets minutes after they opened.  To my absolute horror, my vet told me later that after running a few tests his conclusion was that the product I had purchased to kill Falkor’s fleas came close to killing him!  Due to my attempt to save a few dollars, I almost destroyed a member of my family.  Had he died, I never would have forgiven myself.

Why is this product being sold if it has such horrendous side affects?  I tried to contact Hartz through their webpage, but surprise, it is “Temporarily Unavailable”.  Are they so concerned about making money that they are willing to sacrifice our furry family members to do it?  Absolutely unacceptable!

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