Another Hartz Mountain Ultra guard victom

I am sitting here with Fernando on my lap, in his little sweater, he is not at all himself! I had a flea problem and so got the Ultra guard I had 2 tubes left, I had used it 2 mo. ago and Fernando hadn’t acted “right” so I didn’t reapply the next month. So I applied the drops 2 days ago, the first night he got real listless, then he felt hot, I thought “oh oh maybe the flea med” about 3 hrs went by and he threw up! Then by 3am in the morning he had muscousy diarhea with a drop of blood in it! Oh now I was really scared and his little head was so hot! I quick bathed him with my shampoo. In the morning I put some chicken soup a tablespoon over his kibble, he was about the same; but he ate the pieces with soup on it. then I cut up a tiny piece of cooked steak. He pooped 2 more times in about 3 hrs. way much for him! And it was too soft. He has played with his little ball and ate a tiny bit more, I believe Thank God he is on the mend! Oh also I bathed him again this morning. This company needs to be severley penalized. This is completely unacceptable, first dog food poisoning now flea meds!

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  1. Our one cat cuddles who’s almost 9 yrs old and our 12 yr old dog Shawna both started having seizures within 3 days after being treated with hartz, Shawna was treated with Adams flea treatment, but both our cats were treated with hartz, Cuddles is still having seizures, Rascal my 1 yr old kitten hasn’t shown any signs of problems yet but the vet said we needed to bathe them all in Dawn dish detergent to get the toxins off them, then there’s a product that petco carries that’s made of peppermint oil and clove oil it comes in a spray and a shampoo, it’s all natural and not harmful to the pets. The clove oil kills fleas while peppermint oil soothes their skin.

    I’m going to post our story on here in a a day or two. I work in a daycare so have limited free time.

    Feel free to contact me via email.

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