This stuff should be illegal to sell

I bought the Hartz flea and tick vials for my cat and got home and put one on the back of her neck like the directions said. Within 5 mins my cat was foaming at the mouth and was acting beyond weird. My little precious was pitiful. I called her vet immediatly who told me to wash her ASAP in dawn dish washing detergent and that they are seeing this all the time with the Hartz. She told me they see all kinds of sever reactions to the hartz. If I had only known. My Precious seems to be doing fine. This all happened today 9/29/10. She is just mad at me right now. This stuff is aweful.

2 thoughts on “This stuff should be illegal to sell”

  1. I pray for a complete recovery for your cat. Within 3 minutes of a “nonmedicated” shampoo, my cat seized and died! Utterly mind blowing… Maybe someday Hartz will get their dues.. no pet should have to suffer the way they do!

    Sorry you had to go through this..

  2. Our cat Cuddles was having seizures within 3 days of being treated with hartz. I agree the stuff should be illegal to sell!

    Our dog has seizures now because of Adams flea treatment.

    The cheap stuff can kill your pet and we didn’t know anything about the major problems with the stuff from walmart until our pets started having problems, So far my 11 month old kitten doesn’t show any signs of being ill but we’re not taking any chances, our vet said to bathe them with dawn detergent to get rid of the toxins.

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