The poison that is “Hartz”

We almost lost Scritches this morning. She was given to my son about 5 years ago by my brother and she is his baby.  We applied the Ultraguard plus last night before bed, following the instructions to a T, and this morning she was twitching and having seizures.  We bathed her, I kept my son home from school to watch her and hold her in case she didn’t make it, that way he could say goodbye if necessary. It was so sad seeing her move like a cockroach that had just been sprayed with a pesticide.  I started her on the chicken broth/water mixture with a medicine dropper (very carefully so she wouldnt choke) because she couldnt control her tongue or mouth very well, and then moved her to yogurt mixed with a little bit of potted meat. When she began lapping at the spoon we rejoiced because she hadnt had any control over her tongue previously. She is very rigid now, 10 hours after the bath. She is ,no doubt,  sore from all of the convulsing and cramping, but she is no longer twitching or convulsing. She has a healthy appetite now and although she is still not her normal, lovey, playful self, we are hoping that there is no lasting damage to her kidneys, heart, or nervous system. This website saved her life. I followed almost the same treatment another poster had used for treatment of toxicosis.  Thank you so much!

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  1. I pray your pet recovers.. This site is awesome.. just wished many others knew of this before their pets suffer… I use nothing but dawn dish soap or johnson and johnson baby shampoo. Sorry to see your pet had to suffer and your child had to see it. My son witnessed it also.. and tells everyone he knows about how our 3 yr old cat died. I will pray for your family and your cat.

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