Hartz recalls dog treats


Washington, DC, United States (AHN) – Hartz Mountain Corp. is voluntarily recalling 75,000 bags of dog treats after tests by the Food and Drug Administration found salmonella in the product.

The New Jersey-based pet food company is pulling out one lot of Hartz Naturals Real Beef Treats for Dogs. It said the 8-ounce bags of treats were imported from a Brazilian supplier, Bertin, which found the food safe in its regular tests.

A random sample testing by the FDA, however, found the presence of salmonella, a bacteria that can cause infection in humans and animals, and can be fatal to young children, the elderly and those with weak immune systems. Symptoms of salmonellosis include diarrhea, nausea and fever.

The company is warning consumers to stop feeding their pets snacks whose bags bear the lot code BZ0969101E. Pet owners who are unable to find the lot code on the bags should also discontinue using the treats.

“Hartz is aggressively investigating the source of the problem… [and] taking immediate steps to remove the product from all retail stores and distribution centers,” the company said in a statement.

Hartz says it has not received reports of animals or humans falling ill from consuming or coming into contact with its dog treats.

The company is offering customers reimbursements for the recalled treats. Pet owners can also contact a hotline at any time for concerns.


I got Hartz ear mite drops for my kittens after waiting for them to turn to 12 weeks old. I put the drops in and massaged their ears like the directions say. Obviously, after this their ears started to irritate them, so they were scratching and licking their paws. Obviously, to keep two kittens from licking is a little impossible. I tried as much as I could but they were relentless. My male kitten, Buddy soon started to act and look very strange and scary. He started shaking, and could not keep his eyes open. I didnt know what else to do so I gave him a bath with johnson&johnson and dried him up..Gave him some food hoping it would make him feel better and tried to get him to drink some water but that wasnt happening. This all started about an hour and a half ago and he is just now starting to act somewhat regular. Up to now it was like he was in a daze. I’m keeping an eye on him and if he doesnt start to get better soon I’m bringing him to the emergency  vet. I would do it regardless but I do not have the money. I’m SO upset that this product is on the shelves of any store. I’m calling to file a report tomorrow, as their closed today due to labor day. I really wish they were open seeing as I need to bite off somebodys head over this IMMEDIATLEY.

Thank you.

I’ve used this Hartz Ultra Guard Pro without incedent (so far) on my outdoor cat, Mr. Cat. I’ve also used Sargeants Gold for Cats (and even recommended it to my family because it seemed to work so well.)

Today, I noticed some flea dirt coming off of my indoor cat, and she doesn’t generally get fleas. I immediately took out the Hartz and put it on her neck. About 10 minutes later I came across your site. I immediately felt panicked and took her to the kitchen sink for a scrub. She threw up her food this evening (but she also threw up, pre med, so I pray to GOD she has a hairball [yeah, sad to be praying for that right?])

Anyhow, after she got sick I took her up to the kitchen sink a second time for 2nd, more thorough rinse, this time with a little more dish soap. She absolutely HATES being held still, and she screamed bloody murder the whole time I was rinsing her off. She also bit me LOL… I think I got most of it off, and will happily wait for my Advantage to come in the mail. 🙂

Thank you for your site, for all the info, and for saving my darling Lady Luck from suffering (and as well for saving Mr. Cat for any future use of cheap products!). I always felt really awful about the smell, and felt like I was putting poison on my cats… Go with your gut, right??

Thanks again. Lady Luck & Mr. Cat are safe, healthy, happy, and can live one more day with a few little pesky fleas. It’s horrible to think that people have lost their babies because of these products. I will never “go the cheaper route” again. Thank you so much… I would die if I hurt either of my babies, they’re my little family 🙂

Close one

Home from work today. Yay! But why is my cat itching, twitching, and contorted in scratching poses constantly? A short inspection of her white fur led me to the culprit within seconds. FLEAS.

Alright, I’ve had cats in the past. I think I’ll just run up to Walgreens and grab some flea stuff, hit her with it, problem solved. I purchased Hartz Proguard from the local Walgreens (the only flea medication they sold) for $10. I had a cat a few years ago who died shortly after a flea treatment so I decided to hop on the intertube and see what sort of reviews this stuff had. I mean it came from Walgreens, I buy all sorts of stuff there OTC, it must be safe right?

Ooh what nasty reviews. Surely, these are overzealous consumers who are putting misplaced blame on a OTC product. If I search I’m sure I’ll find an expert debunking all these hateful people. Hmm… about 30 minutes later and having not found one single good review of this product I am beginning to think this website might just be the authority on Hartz.

Into the bath kitty goes! I’ll happily suffer clawed hands and she’ll forcibly suffer being soaked in order to wait a few days to see a real vet.

Hartz needs to be recalled!

I recently bought Hartz Flea & Tick Spray, not looking at the name, but only surprised at how insanely cheap this medication (or more like poison) was compared to Frontline. I applied it to both of my cats, a tabby and a tortoiseshell. As soon as applying the product, my tabby began foaming and drooling, running around the house like the poor thing was on fire. My boyfriend & I immediately took both cats into the shower and washed them thoroughly… my tabby and tortoiseshell seemed fine, until a day and a half later. My tabby has foamed and drooled now twice today.

I love both very much, but I’ve had my tortoiseshell for the longest and she has a much more special place in my heart.. she hasn’t had the same reaction as my tabby, but she has become very lethargic compared to the extremely “cracked out cat”  she once was.

I don’t have the money to take them to a vet, but if anything happens to either of them, I am suing. And from the looks of all the the posts I’ve read ( which was nearly all of them), you all should be too!

This shit is poison & it needs to be removed from ALL stores. The people that have spent hundreds in medical bills for their animals just to keep them alive  after using Hartz,  should be compensated!

After calling Hartz emergency hot line, and complaining to a woman about my poor cat, her response is “Well our product isn’t designed to kill animals.” No joke, that was her only response, and then she took my animals name for a case.

This is RIDICULOUS, and we all need to get together to get this shit out of stores, and away from unknowing consumers who pick Hartz because they’re trying to find a cheaper alternative to killing fleas.

Worst day of my life

Two nights ago my mother gave me one tube of hartz flea drops. I applied it to my 8 month old rag-doll kitten around 6 pm.  At 4am the next morning my boyfriend heard the cat scratching the carpet up (which she never does), when we got up and turned the light on she was lying on the ground foaming at the mouth. I picked her up and noticed that she was having a seizure. I immediately called the emergency animal hospital they told me that my kitten was having a reaction due to the Hartz flea drops and that I should bring her in. I was then told that it would cost me 150 dollars for them just to look at her. I knew that I would not be able to afford the whole cost once it was totaled so I had no other choice but to wait for the animal hospital down the street to open. At 9am… I had to watch my poor kitty twitch uncontrollably between each seizure. It was the most horrifying thing i had ever witnessed. And all I could think was that I did this to my baby, I put this product on her and now she is going to die.

Finally, at 9am when the hospital opened I brought her in. It was a devastating wait but 300 dollars later i found out that she lived and would be coming home with me later that day. I couldn’t be happier. All this happened because I trusted a product that said it kills fleas, not knowing it would almost kill my kitty.

The vet said that the clinical condition of my kitty was consistent with an overdose of topical flea medication (HARTZ FLEA DROPS)  How are they able to sell a product that kills innocent animals without any warning?

I swear that I will never purchase any Hartz product from this day forward, I will also tell everyone I know to do the same thing and so should you.

R.I.P Oliver

Hello everyone,

I am writing this because I am very VERY angry. Our 2 and a half year old orange tabby Oliver died last night because of SERGEANT’S GOLD SQUEEZE ON FOR CATS flea and tick treatment. Oliver was an extremely healthy and loving cat. In a little more than 24 hours he went from playing with his favorite toy, a laser, to dead. On Wednesday August 31, 2010 we applied some of this horrible product. We followed the directions accurately. On Thursday he was acting different. He had been hiding all day and refused to play with his laser. That night we decided to take him to the emergency room for precautionary reasons. The veterinarian suggested we leave him in the hospital over night for observation. We left the vet’s office at 10:45 PM. At about 12:00am, an hour and 15 minutes after we had left him we got a phone call from the hospital. That was probably one of the worst if not the worst phone call I’ve ever received. The vet said that we applied the medication correctly and that Oliver had only ingested a minimal amount of it. The problem was that his skin absorbed the product and it got into his bloodstream causing organ failure. There was nothing the veterinarians could do to save him. I could not sleep that night. I kept thinking about all the forums I read  online that I didn’t believe. I honestly thought my cat was going to be just fine because he was eating and still came out of hiding for treats. Little did I know that this product was slowly killing him. PLEASE believe me when I say DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. The veterinarians told us that these over the counter products are NOT safe. I know that the flea medications that are prescribed by a veterinarians are expensive, but I would pay 10,000 times that to have Oliver back.  Please please please spread the word about these medications. I’ve had animals my entire life and I never knew how dangerous they were. I don’t understand how it is even allowed to be on the market. Sergeant’s website even says that when used properly it is safe on animals. THIS IS A LIE. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Please find any other alternative to treat fleas. Because in the end I would take a flea infested Oliver as oppose to no Oliver at all.