Big Man

We had bought the sergeants flea and tick squeeze drops.  Applied it to our 3 year old tabby.  Four days later we had to watch him have a grand Mal seizure and died instantly.  Never again will we use a product that does not come from the vet.  We always got their flea medicine from the vet but this time around money was tight from moving and we seen our special sweet loving man scratching and just wanted to help him and didn’t have enough money to get the medicine from the vet and went and bought the other.  If we would of known what we know now we would of never of bought it and waited a few weeks to get the stuff we trust.  When I called the hot line after he had passed and asked if the medicine could be the cause of him having the seizure that killed him, they told me no that he must of had a fatty liver.  I know in my heart that medicine killed him.  They wanted me to believe that a beautiful happy playful full of energy cat, who just went to the vet a few months ago must of died from a fatty liver.  I just cant believe that.  I would love to fight and have all those products removed and banned so that another animal would have to suffer what my sweet angel did.

Gut Wrenching Feeling

I used HArtz Ultra Guard on my girl Jazzy. Within 3-4 days she seemed to not feel herself. She lost appetite, walks like everything hurts, I have had to hold a water dish up to her to feed her from my hand and am now cooking all foods for her as she would not eat dry or moist food. I cannot think of anything else that could have done this..she slipped getting in the but shows NO sign of any injury, we have done all blood work, stool samples etc.. to find it all normal – kidneys, liver, no infection, no heart worm, no nothing but she become weak, lost 12lbs and has not wanted to move until tonight. I put the drops on her on August 23rd, vet said it may take a month to work out of her system. I can only hope that this will work out of her system and she will be ok…deep in my heart I think this did this to her…called Hartz, they were jsut so friendly it was sick….made you think that they know something is wrong….I WILL NEVER EVER DO THIS TO AN ANIMAL AGAIN IN MY LIFE….this is so wrong, I wish I had seen this sight before I used this product…I just hope she makes it. We adpoted her from our neighbor that passed away knowing she loved us and our boys and would have a great life before meeting back up with him…..please don;t make it sooner than later – we still want to play with her….


I wanted to Thank everyone here who responded to my earlier posts with equal hope and prayers for Chewchs’ recovery .I appreciated their kind words and prayers . It seems that my hope and optimism for Chewchs’ recovery soon turned to disappointment and despair.
It saddens me to no end to have to report here that Chewchs’ recovery was short lived and seemed to be due to the masking benefits of the IV fluids and temporary antibiotics. As the week progressed..he started to develop complications due to his (I now know) permanent kidney damage undoubtedly caused by the Hartz UltraGuard Flea and Tick drops.
By Tuesday  evening  Aug 30-th, Chewch started having difficulty breathing, I brought him in for emergency treatment which amounted to Xrays and more blood work. His earlier blood levels were very high in numbers indicating Kidney failure and he had developed a Heart Mur Mur and an enlarged heart( Congestive Heart Failure). His blood numbers improved but were still unhealthy according to the new blood work.
By Wednesday evening Chewch deteriorated to the point where I had no doubt what I had to do. I had promised not to allow him to suffer and I did not. I rushed him to the Red Bank Animal Hospital in NJ and spoke with the Vet on duty. He agreed… Chewch was suffering and assured me of my decision; that euthenasia was the best for him. That day sadly came Wednesday, Sept 1st 2010

I held Chewch in my arms and kissed him goodbye. The Vet was very compassionate and as I held Chewch in my arms I felt him draw his last breath. I kissed him again and cried as I felt his little heart beat stop through my fingertips.
I had a  private cremation done for him on Thursday September 9th. I will miss my best friend Chewch. I am angry that something that is meant to help my Dog caused him to Die. Shame on Hartz.
I do have a case number against Hartz for reimbursement for the nearly $1500 in Vet bills I have shelled out these past three weeks . I have to put together loads of paperwork , medical history and receipts which they require. I was told by the Hartz Rep that the case will be reviewed by thier “Board” and I will have an answer in about 90 days.


I purchased hartz flea topical drops for dogs and I applied it to both my dogs.about an hour after I was done I decided to google it and all websites were negative ALL of them!I came across this one and I’m so glad I did.right when I read it I quickly removed the product.I just put on flea shampoo alot of you said I’d rather have dogs that have fleas then to have them die.thanks!!


My family and I foster kittens all the time, we work on a farm and there is a cat that continues to have kittens, we can not catch her to get her fixed. When the kittens are 2-3 weeks old she stops caring for them. Not that she don’t have the milk, she just stops.So we take them home and forster them. We have a male cat,Logan, who is almost two, who helps by cleaning, teaching them to use the litter box,and eat regular food. About two weeks ago she was moving her five kittens and left one. It was a little boy,Ory. We took him home,we started giving him the Hartz replacement milk,we have used it in the past. He was fine the first week, then one night we were getting ready to feed him and just couldn’t walk, he would try to crawl but would fall on to his side. He would cry and just could respond to movement. My mom tried to get him to potty,with a damp rag,he would pee, she continue thisway for about five hours, then finally he pooped, then he was fine. Playing around he was happy. The next night, he was worse, he couldn’t even crawl. My mom sent me and my sister to bed, because she and my father just knew he was going to die, he was lifeless. Thursday we called the vet and they said to give him warm sugar water, we did, and he was fine.Later that day we found his for other siblings,one boy and three girls,they were prefectly fine.We started them on the Hartz replacement milk as well.Friday Ory was asleep with his siblings,doing just fine. I checked on them about nine in the morning,and Ory was just lifeless, we couldn’t get him to respond to the sugar water.We just knew that he was going to die then.My mom called the vet and they said that he was comatose. And was to give him sugar water every two minutes,when he  became respondent,to give it to him every twenty minutes,and so on. After about an hour he was fine. So we would give him warm sugar water every 2-4 hours just sure he was fine. Then today our neighbor brought over one of the kittens she has been fostering,she has been using Hartz replacement milk as well. While my mom was outside helping by giving the kitten warm sugar water, I found one of Ory’s sister’s,Poni, had started acting the same as Ory.Logan don’t know what to do,he wants to clean them, but everytime he goes to they cry. Right then we knew something wasn’t right, I mean come on. How can three kittens,from two different litters, have the same thing happening to them.So I looked up a different replacement milk.Well then I decided to look up the side effects to the Hartz replacement milk, and found this website.So we gave the kittens just plain warm cow’s milk, after about a hour of giving it to them they were just fine.So now we know that it is the Hartz replacement milk.

The reason we have never had this problem before is, because we would usually have the kittens on can food with cow milk.But we got the kittens later than usual so started them on the milk straight.

Too close for comfort

We almost lost our beloved Oz after using this horrible medicine.  This is our first pet, a beautiful male cat that we have both fallen in love with.  After dealing with fleas, I decided a trip to the vet was too costly, and buying over the counter medicine should work.  I put the Hartz flea control on him and the next day he was very lethargic and constantly wanted my attention.  I did not like how he was acting so the very next day (day 2 of medicine) I took him to the vet who said that this medicine is known to kill cats.  They ended up having to sedate him to take care of his problem through medicine and a bath.  Since Oz was a 1 year old the vet said he was young and had a strong will to live….which is probably what kept him alive.  What is there to do now? Contact Hartz? Spread the word? I just found this site, and I would love to be an advocate to stop the use of Hartz. What can I do? What will Hartz do for the loss of animals?

Hartz UltraGuard Pro Flea & Tick Drops are extremely dangerous.

I purchased Hartz UltraGuard Pro Flea and Tick Drops for Cats about a week ago for my pet. She was having a heck of a time after a heat wave following an unseasonably cool summer. The fleas came to life and got to her with a vengeance. Olive was a 9-10 lb, four year old black long hair. She was the sweetest, most affectionate cat that I’ve ever met. She was very special. Today is Wednesday following Labor Day weekend. Four days ago, on Saturday, I applied the medication to her neck, exactly as directed on the package. I have used other, more expensive flea meds before, so this was not a new procedure to me. As I’m trying to be as frugal as possible at the moment I bought the Hartz drops, hoping to save a few dollars. I was not aware of the true cost of using this product. On Monday, which was Labor Day, I found Olive in the back yard laying on her side. I was watering the plants and wondered why she didn’t look up when she heard the hose. I stood quietly for a moment and looked at her lifeless body. She wasn’t breathing. She was dead. In my experience a four year old cat dying out of the blue without any trauma or illness is highly unusual. I have a strong feeling that I inadvertently killed Olive by giving her Hartz UltraGuard Pro Flea and Tick Drops. I am extremely sad that this happened. If I had the opportunity to do it again I would not have tried to save money at her expense. I didn’t know that their product was dangerous. I assumed it was safe. I was as wrong as can be.


DAMN YOU TO HELL DAMN ALL OF YOU AT HARTZ LOOK WHAT YOU COST ME AND MY LADY IN JUST 4 days A HAPPY AND UNTIL HE WAS DROPPED HEALTHY FOUR YEAR OLD KITTY !!!!!!!!!!!/photo.php?pid=31044171&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=130169546993227&id=1106133613

My beloved dog, Lincoln is dying before our eyes

its been one week since we put Hartz flea drops on our dog. He collapsed, had bloody diarrhea, lathargic, wont eat or drink and is now dying. We do not want to see him suffer anymore and are putting him to sleep.

HARTZ, you have killed a member of our family. Shame on you.

I am too devestated to say anything other than our loss is great.