Two dead cats, two ill cats and three ill people

I used to have four cats, that was until I used the flea powder from this awful company. Like many I thought that if they were allowed to sell them they must be safe except maybe a few rare cases of allergic reactions. How wrong was I?

One of my cats died of a seizure in minutes a few days after using it, another died after a day of nursing him and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why, I never suspected the flea powder, the very stuff that was meant to help them with a flea problem we got as they were all rescues with all sorts of problems and it killed two of them. The other two I guess did not get as much exposure so it so took longer to get ill and it was only after they did that it suddenly clicked, along with the fact that since using it myself, my fiance and his mother have had bad stomachs and headaches and been really thirsty, all stemming from then.

The two remaining cats will hopefully be ok, I washed them over thoroughly and even shaved their fur down to make sure every last part of it was off. The three of us will recover too. But nothing will bring back the two that died.

I can’t believe this company still sells this horrible stuff, I can’t believe not many people seem to know or say the dangers, I can’t believe that places like Walmart can put it on the shelves but I guess ignorance is money for them isn’t it or maybe just that money is money and who cares about anything else.

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