I miss my Dylan!

After using Hartz flea drops my kitten Dylan died of poisoning. He didnt even live to be one, and he has a twin brother that is now alone and looks for his brother every day. I burried him and put rocks on his grave and wrote little messages on his grave. I miss him sooo much and I’ve been crying for the past month. He was like my son, and now hes gone. He died of internal bleeding and was in severe pain during the last 24 hours of his life including crying etc. I feel sick to my stomach, I didnt eat or sleep for weeks after it happened. All I want is for Hartz to go out of business and to raise awareness so that no other innocent lives will be taken. I like to Dylan is up in heaven and that when I die eventually Ill be reunited with him. He was truly and extraordinary young man and I still cry every time i think of him. People who work at Hartz, Maybe it’s time someone you love got poisoned so you can see what it feels like to have the love of your life die. I hope you people realize what your doing and STOP KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS! THEY DONT DESERVE IT!!!!!!!

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  1. You will meet with Dylan at the rainbow bridge when you pass. IT is a place where pets wait until their beloved owners come, and then they both pass over the bridge. And the animal is young, health and happy again. Take care.

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