I saved a cat almost a year ago that I had been feeding at my job for over 3 months. I took the cat home after some boys repeatedly tried to run him over. I called him Chance just like the dog on Homeward Bound. We have a good standing with our neighbor in our appartments and of course Chance has no fear and became fast friends with his dogs. We even removed to partition on the aptios to allow them easier access to each other. As it turned out Chance picked up a flea or two and developed a scratch that could not be satisfied. We even took atvantage of it and taught him to sit up and give high fives in exchange for the oh-so-wonderfull butt scratch. As entertaining as it all was to have a trained cat that was wild just 5 months before I knew I needed to do something to help. It was so bad that when we watched T.V. even if not prompted he would sit up and try to snack your hand for hours just to get scratched. It was so wonderfull to him that he even chattered his teath in response and it looked like he was talking. My poor baby. Well today I decided to pick up some hartz flea and tick medicine at the store for him. Upon returning home I put away the groceries and took out the midicine read the instructions and applied it to the back of his neck. I also have another cat nammed Bunny but she was no where to be found so I was going to treat her latter. I cooked dinner and about an hour latter Chance began to cry and hiss. I noticed him turning his head to his back as if it was burning where I put the medicine and my daughter took Chance and we bathed him. He seemed to quit some after and all was well. Latter after dinner we washed up and we went to bed. I was awoken at 3 a.m. to Chance rolling around on the floor in extrem pain. I could not even touch him. It is 5 a.m. now and Chance is dead. Thank you for killing my cat you fucking sons of bitches!!!!!

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