I cant believe they sell this stuff!!

I have 3 cats and had treated them with Sargent flea drops.. All  of the fleas were gone exept 1  cat jasper the siamese, i waited a month and treated him again on sat afternoon.He seemed fine that day but sun i noticed he was just laying around being a lil lazy unlike jasper..at about 3:30 sun afternoon he went into a seizure so bad that he chewed his own tounge off!! I cant believe this happened to my jasper and i feel so guilty for putting these evil drops on him..I only wish i had done more research on these flea drops and maybe my jasper would still be here.

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  1. Sorry for your loss.. I, too, and anxious to find a way to make sure other pets don’t suffer because of Hartz. Maybe we will find a way so our pets didn’t die in vain.

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