bambi’s story

on sept 20 2010 my 4lb chihuaha bambi was applied sargeants flea and tick drops for her back .she kept us up all nite crying and twitching and 4 oclock in the am my huband brought our baby to the emergency vet to be told she had been poisoned.the next 2 days bambi fought for her tiny life not to mention our son and i both had a reaction to the sargeants stuff also.imagine our surprise when we went on this site to discover that a ton of dogs hace been affected the same or worse.shame on sargeants or hartz to put this on the market knowing that this stuff can kill weeds nevermind your 5 kids were devastated to know their baby could have died. the vet bills are huge! SHAME on a company that proffesses to protect our animals and then uses chemicals that can hurt or kill.did you know their websites say these chemicals can harm your animals?we trust these people to give us quality products and they sell at a profit merchandise that destroys the most helpless of living things….nonverbal animals….when all is said and done i and my family will make sure no other animal suffers the waay these have suffered.we are looking for people who are willing to share their story and fight corporate america to make sure our furry freinds are never hurt again.plz share your story with us at [email protected] look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Sorry for what you had to go through. It is awful that our pets suffer. We figure our products on the shelves are safe. Not so. My eyes were opened that day. Very sad to lose our pets and lose faith in our safety. I still cannot figure out why PETA isn’t involved in this fight? Just an idea.

  2. I have a border collie who was on frontline but I had run out. Since I had one tube of Hartz flea/tick oil I decided to use that for his monthly dose instead. After using it I noticed the next morning he was totally listless and lethargic and did not want to eat. I took his temp yesterday and it was 103.7. This morning it was 104! I took him to the Vet who did a complete blood work up and all his results were normal. The vet said his high fever was due to the Hartz. He advised me to go home and used Dawn or a good de-greasing dish washing liquid and scrub him good especially where I had applied it. They gave him something to lower his fever. We’ll see how he does tomorrow but I am just so upset over this!

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