Wishing I had read this site before I used the drops

We had a great little kitty named Priss Paws. Had her for 8 years. A couple months ago got two other cats as well. All came from pounds. Priss adjusted to the new cats fairly well. She never was a big cat, always looked on the skinny side. A week or so ago noticed fleas on one of the new cats so I went out and bought the Ultra guard flea drops and dosed all three cats. Priss quit eating much. She had trouble swallowing. Took her to the vet on Monday of this week after watching her start to throw up and begin to hide. Labs all ok, they gave her a shot for nausea and some special food. She tried to eat the food but just had issues with swallowing and throwing up. Took her back on Wednesday(yesterday) and they gave her a little gas and looked down her throat. They could find no reason for this swallowing issue. She was suffering so. They wanted to put a feeding tube in and all that stuff but couldn’t tell me that it would do any good. While she was still asleep I had them go ahead and euthanize her. They never really came out and said it was the drops but they didn’t say it wasn’t either. I feel the flea drops contributed.

The other cats are fine, but they weren’t as skinny as Priss and were younger. Who knows. All I know is I miss our little miss Priss Paws.

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  1. Sorry for your loss.. No one can replace your Priss Paws.. Please know that others out there feel your loss. Like others who post their stories on here.. many of us find out too late.. it is sad to know our pets are suffering due to such a bad product.

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