Gut Wrenching Feeling

I used HArtz Ultra Guard on my girl Jazzy. Within 3-4 days she seemed to not feel herself. She lost appetite, walks like everything hurts, I have had to hold a water dish up to her to feed her from my hand and am now cooking all foods for her as she would not eat dry or moist food. I cannot think of anything else that could have done this..she slipped getting in the but shows NO sign of any injury, we have done all blood work, stool samples etc.. to find it all normal – kidneys, liver, no infection, no heart worm, no nothing but she become weak, lost 12lbs and has not wanted to move until tonight. I put the drops on her on August 23rd, vet said it may take a month to work out of her system. I can only hope that this will work out of her system and she will be ok…deep in my heart I think this did this to her…called Hartz, they were jsut so friendly it was sick….made you think that they know something is wrong….I WILL NEVER EVER DO THIS TO AN ANIMAL AGAIN IN MY LIFE….this is so wrong, I wish I had seen this sight before I used this product…I just hope she makes it. We adpoted her from our neighbor that passed away knowing she loved us and our boys and would have a great life before meeting back up with him…..please don;t make it sooner than later – we still want to play with her….

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  1. Yes Hartz customer service people were very friendly to me as well. Thats the only good thing I have to say about the company because I too believe that it was the Ultraguard Drops that sickened and eventually killed my Yorkie Chewch.
    Unlike your Jazzy it seems, Chewch had renal damage and very poor blood work test results which to me sounds like Jazzy may make it through this unlike my Chewch who eventually died of Renal and Congestive Heart failure. Gather all you have, all bills receipts and call Hartz in NJ 1-800- 275- 1414 and get a case number. ACCEPT NO EXCUSES FROM HARTZ!! Do like Im doing…pass it along to everyone you know…not just those with pets. EVERYONE…because EVERYONE without a pet knows someone who has one. Im sorry Jazzy is so sick…Ill pray for her ….Good Luck

  2. I am so sorry that this happended to your baby, I have purchased some organic toxin drops along with some food that is not processed as other food. I am feeding her ground meat and will continue to cook for her. I did weigh her and she DID NOT loose 10lbs….the tech at the vet office had it incorrect. Jazzy is starting to get some more energy and eating 4 to 5 bites at a time. I just hope there is no permanent damage. Thank you for your prayers, I will keep all informed. I will also pass the word……again I am so sorry that you lost Chewch…I wish so much that I could change that for you….

    1. I hope things worked out well for you and your beloved pet. Organic and holistic remedies are what I would use if this would ever happen to any of my pets again — however, you and I will never again buy this horrible OTC stuff (my cat started to have an immediate reaction, I called the emergency vet and they told me to put her under a warm shower to wash it off — if that did not work, to bring her in ASAP. Luckily it worked, and I apologized so much to my poor kitty!!!) — I use Frontline on my cats now and even then I still watch them for any signs of a reaction– I spend more $$ for the Frontline but it’s far cheaper than having to pay to reverse any horrendous suffering/reactions to these OTC preps at the vet’s

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