Big Man

We had bought the sergeants flea and tick squeeze drops.  Applied it to our 3 year old tabby.  Four days later we had to watch him have a grand Mal seizure and died instantly.  Never again will we use a product that does not come from the vet.  We always got their flea medicine from the vet but this time around money was tight from moving and we seen our special sweet loving man scratching and just wanted to help him and didn’t have enough money to get the medicine from the vet and went and bought the other.  If we would of known what we know now we would of never of bought it and waited a few weeks to get the stuff we trust.  When I called the hot line after he had passed and asked if the medicine could be the cause of him having the seizure that killed him, they told me no that he must of had a fatty liver.  I know in my heart that medicine killed him.  They wanted me to believe that a beautiful happy playful full of energy cat, who just went to the vet a few months ago must of died from a fatty liver.  I just cant believe that.  I would love to fight and have all those products removed and banned so that another animal would have to suffer what my sweet angel did.

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  1. So sorry for your loss. Call Hartz HQ in NJ at 1-800-275-1414 and ask for a case number and advise the customer service agent of what happened. If you have any expenses you can seek reimbursement although as I am well aware of , this does not ease the pain. The next thing you can do is tell as many people /pet owners you know about this outrage and make them aware of this web site too. Again So sorry for your Loss. I too lost my pet…my Beloved Yorkie a few weeks ago.

  2. Thanks. I did call them and got a claim number and they were the ones to say that he must of died from a fatty liver and not the product. We have now learned to wash them in ivory soap and the other 3 were not happy campers but I refuse to lose them to these products like we just did with big man. We usually use revolution product that we get from the vet, but I have to do alot of research before I even think of putting something on my babies. I am sorry for the loss of your Yorkie. Only time can heal the big loss we suffer but will never take away the memories of the special ones we had loved and loss.

  3. I applied Hartz to my cats at around 2pm today. At about 1am I discovered this website and immediately gave them all baths. If anything happens to them, I’m going to start an internet crusade.

  4. I’m so sorry for the loss of your tabby. I gave my healthy, very active cat Hartz Vectra for Cats (from my Vet) last Monday night, and he died in his sleep the following Wed by noon. I am beyond heartbroken. He was my best friend. My family called him my “boyfriend” cuz we loved each other so much. How could this happen? I was just trying to protect my 4 year old daughter from getting flea bites. I contacted my vet about pulling the product, and they already had 2 months ago. Not because of adverse reactions, but due to customer complaints about how greasy it is. Thanks for posting the info about how to contact Hartz for a claim number. Not that that will do any good, but it will be documented.

  5. I hope the baths work. Thank god you found the website so soon after applying it. I gave my my boy Vectra for Cats last week, and he died less than 48 hours later. I am heartbroken. Nobody should have to suffer like this. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.


  6. Just watch carefully for whether they start to hide and cant find them, if they stop eating and drinking as much as they normally do. Hopefully they will be fine. We are watching the other ones very carefully.

  7. My poodle died from a bath in hartz flea meds woke me up wth bubbles coming out of his mouth I didnt know what to do he was in so much pain later a friend said I probaly didnt get flea soap rinsed out after it was to late Im still horrified over it being my fault I loved that dog cried for a month finally my husband got me a new poodle cant take the place of Bradley but max gets no flea baths
    Hartz should be banned

  8. Sorry for your loss. I, too, lost my grey haired kitty Bianca on 8/22/2010 due to a seizure and she died within 3 minutes. I didn’t use Hartz medicated shampoo for fear of allergic reaction. I used Hairball formula… yeah.. you guessed it. She died quickly within 3 minutes. Those 3 minutes were the most horrific minutes and have shattered our lives and trust for products we thought were safe.
    I go to Walmart weekly and tell everyone I see thinking of buying cheap products for their pets. Many thanked me for telling them of this site. Please tell everyone you know. Their pets will be thankful you did!

    truly sorry for your loss. Please know that you are not alone in the desire to see all Hartz products banned forever!

  9. We too have just lost our beloved lil beagle mix Austin. I applied Hartz ultra guard flea and tick powder on wed. sept.22 on sept. 23 we had to put our lil guy to sleep, I awoke at 5:00am to find he was burned badly from this stuff and having seizure after seizure and a bloody stool. I want this stuff off the shelves. If anyone could please help me I would greatly appreciate it! I will not stop with this fight until it is pulled from the market! I will have justice for my lil Austin and any other animal it has harmed! you can contact me @ [email protected] LETS GET THIS STUFF OFF THE MARKET AND THIS COMPANY HELD RELIABLE FOR TAKING AWAY A PART OF OUR FAMILIES!!

  10. I agree, this stuff is killing more animals than it does fleas!My poor lil kitty had seizures so bad that he chewed his own tongue off before we could get him to the vet.. I cant even imagine the pain this poor lil guy was in..

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