I wanted to Thank everyone here who responded to my earlier posts with equal hope and prayers for Chewchs’ recovery .I appreciated their kind words and prayers . It seems that my hope and optimism for Chewchs’ recovery soon turned to disappointment and despair.
It saddens me to no end to have to report here that Chewchs’ recovery was short lived and seemed to be due to the masking benefits of the IV fluids and temporary antibiotics. As the week progressed..he started to develop complications due to his (I now know) permanent kidney damage undoubtedly caused by the Hartz UltraGuard Flea and Tick drops.
By Tuesday  evening  Aug 30-th, Chewch started having difficulty breathing, I brought him in for emergency treatment which amounted to Xrays and more blood work. His earlier blood levels were very high in numbers indicating Kidney failure and he had developed a Heart Mur Mur and an enlarged heart( Congestive Heart Failure). His blood numbers improved but were still unhealthy according to the new blood work.
By Wednesday evening Chewch deteriorated to the point where I had no doubt what I had to do. I had promised not to allow him to suffer and I did not. I rushed him to the Red Bank Animal Hospital in NJ and spoke with the Vet on duty. He agreed… Chewch was suffering and assured me of my decision; that euthenasia was the best for him. That day sadly came Wednesday, Sept 1st 2010

I held Chewch in my arms and kissed him goodbye. The Vet was very compassionate and as I held Chewch in my arms I felt him draw his last breath. I kissed him again and cried as I felt his little heart beat stop through my fingertips.
I had a  private cremation done for him on Thursday September 9th. I will miss my best friend Chewch. I am angry that something that is meant to help my Dog caused him to Die. Shame on Hartz.
I do have a case number against Hartz for reimbursement for the nearly $1500 in Vet bills I have shelled out these past three weeks . I have to put together loads of paperwork , medical history and receipts which they require. I was told by the Hartz Rep that the case will be reviewed by thier “Board” and I will have an answer in about 90 days.


  1. Sorry for your loss..I so hope that Hartz does the right thing for you and reimburse you for your expenses.. although no amount of money can replace your pet. Please know that my family feels your loss.. and maybe one day Hartz will get what they deserve. I have made it a point to check out this site daily and tell everyone I know about the danger of Hartz products.

    Again, I am sorry for your loss..

  2. Thank You homermom68. Im not holding my breath on a Hartz reimbursement. Im putting together Chewchs’ medical history and receipts and hope they do the right thing. But Im not hopeful. Any reimbursement they give will be like an admission of guilt to them I think so they will probably send me back a denial and along with something lame and audacious like a coupon for one of their products.

  3. You are probably right.. about the coupons.. I figured if I gave them my cat for the necropsy, Hartz would only be getting rid of the evidence….. I still am hopeful that eventually those of us who suffered a loss of a pet can see Hartz products banned forever… Something needs to be done to save our pets… I just wondered.. where is PETA in regards to Hartz??? I am sure they would have a field day with Hartz..

  4. This is disgusting. I am so sorry for what you went through and what your little doggie went through. We just realized the flea collar was hobby my yorkie seizures and gave him a bath, etc. but I have to wait and see. These people need put out of business for killing innocent animals all to turn a profit. They are sick.

  5. Thanks Stephanie,
    I miss my Chewch so much even after eight months the hurt is still there. I only hope that by posting what happened to me I may have helped save someone elses pet.

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