Too close for comfort

We almost lost our beloved Oz after using this horrible medicine.  This is our first pet, a beautiful male cat that we have both fallen in love with.  After dealing with fleas, I decided a trip to the vet was too costly, and buying over the counter medicine should work.  I put the Hartz flea control on him and the next day he was very lethargic and constantly wanted my attention.  I did not like how he was acting so the very next day (day 2 of medicine) I took him to the vet who said that this medicine is known to kill cats.  They ended up having to sedate him to take care of his problem through medicine and a bath.  Since Oz was a 1 year old the vet said he was young and had a strong will to live….which is probably what kept him alive.  What is there to do now? Contact Hartz? Spread the word? I just found this site, and I would love to be an advocate to stop the use of Hartz. What can I do? What will Hartz do for the loss of animals?

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  1. Hartz offered to pay for my vet bills to send my cat for the necropsy (cat autopsy) but I figured it would only be a way to cover up my cat’s death. I am seriously thinking of getting a license plate that says HARTZKILZ in hopes that people will ask about it. I go weekly to Walmart for normal errands.. and make an extra trip to the pet aisle to warn any unknowing customers contemplating buying hartz products. I tell them to check this site and with their vet before buying it. It killed my cat in 3 minutes.. not good stuff.. People need to be aware. Tell every pet lover you know.

    Glad your pet survived.. please pass word about this site.. people will appreciate it in the long run.. especially if it saves their pet.

  2. I send this out to my entire contact list a few times a year & ask all to forward the same way & so option for you..

    OK, Yall..It’s that time again..yep..flea season. I find myself wanting to warn as many people as possible. I used to work for the Animal Emergency Clinic. If someone called & said their cat was “trembling-shaking-uncoordinated-having seizures-falling over”–The 1st question we were trained to ask was “Did you put flea treatment on them?” Why? Because if it was Hartz or Seargent’s, we were told to advise them to get that cat to the clinic ASAP!!!!! I have personally seen numerous cats die from this stuff. When it doesn’t kill them, it can still cause permanent liver, kidney, and/or neurological damage.

    If you doubt what I’m saying, go to…

    & read for yourself..It’ll break your heart. It’s also very dangerous for dogs-mainly small dogs-not AS deadly, but still, don’t think it’s ok to use this stuff on them either.

    If you have dogs or cats or know someone who does, PLEASE forward this to them!!! You could save the life of someone’s “baby”.

    I’m not crazy..honest! I just can’t believe they are still allowed to sell this stuff..If it affected people this way, they’d have pulled it from the shelves years ago!!



  3. I am still considering all options against Hartz.. I am vocal and considering a license plate that says HARTZKILZ.. get a sign for my car.. that prompts curiosity of people to ask me why I hate Hartz… So many pets suffer.. and they continue to allow Hartz products on the shelves…

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