My beloved dog, Lincoln is dying before our eyes

its been one week since we put Hartz flea drops on our dog. He collapsed, had bloody diarrhea, lathargic, wont eat or drink and is now dying. We do not want to see him suffer anymore and are putting him to sleep.

HARTZ, you have killed a member of our family. Shame on you.

I am too devestated to say anything other than our loss is great.

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  1. Our Lincoln passed away at 11:10 this morning. He is no longer suffering but we feel helpless and devestated. We just got home and I feel so empty. Word cant describe our family’s loss right now.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you who are suffering as well.

    Thank you for your support.

  2. I feel so badly for you and understand your grief completely.I just saddly posted an update about my Beloved Yorkie Chewch. He had the same symptoms as well after putting Hartz UltraGuard Flea & Tick drops on him to. he had shown improvement but it was short lived.
    I put down Chewch on Wedneday Evening Sept 1st and am devastated. I am fortunate however that I have a 1 year old Yorkie Puppy to help ease the pain …but I still feel completely drawn out. Im miss my Chewch so much…..I am so sorry you had lost your Lincoln in this terrible way.

  3. Im sure my Lincoln is pain free and chasing your Chewch around 🙂 We don’t have another pet, but frankly don’t think we would be any good right now. The first hour, we were having phantom spirit. Both my husband and I caught ourselves looking for him and it brought more tears.

    Today, someone told me, “Dogs come into our lives, leave pawprints on our hearts and we are forever changed”.

    I pray good health and best wishes to you and your Yorkie puppy 🙂

  4. Sorry for your loss nleblanc! I too lost my pet in less than 3 minutes to Hartz products. Everytime I go to Walmart or Kmart, I always stop by the pet section.. and let the people considering to use hartz products to check out this site first before making the decision to buy. It may “save” them money in the beginning. but after the vet bills and the loss of a loved pet.. how much is that worth. Please know my heart aches for you and your family.. Maybe someday soon we can get Hartz products off our shelves and save our pets!
    RIP Bianca 8/22/2010

  5. This makes me sick these bastards knowingly murder family members all over and continue doing so after all the problems?!?! This pisses me off so much! They deserve to be covered in all their products and put on display in Times Square on live tv


  7. Antonio, Im so glad to hear about Domino. That’s the purpose of this site. Knowing you were pro-active and this site was available for you brings joy to my heart. May Domino have many, many years with you!

  8. I am so sorry about the lose of your dog. My 3 year old cocker spaniel Chloe passed away on August 6,2010. She started loosing control of her kidneys and she collsaped. I did mouth to snout resusation to revive her. Rushed her to the vet. Ran blood test and her red blood count was dangerously low. The vet diagnosed Chloe with Auto Imune Hemolytic Animia but, with some doubt. The vet asked if Chloe could have been exposed to any poisons. I forgot that I had used the Hartz Advanced Care 3 in 1 drops about 3 weeks before her death. I used the drops on both my cocker spaniels. My older 13 year old cocker is okay. Now I’m wondering if Chloe may have licked the drops off Ashley. She liked to lick alot. Anyway on August 6 the vet called and said Chloe needed a blood transfusion and during the transfusion she had a stroke and had to be put down. I am going to call the vet and ask her about this product and could this product be the reason she is dead. We had her cremated. If they need the cremains to run test to see if this product poisoned her I will do whatever it takes for some answers. I spent $4400.00 trying save my Chloe’s life.

  9. Sorry for your loss, Terry! It is very hard to see our pets suffer! This site is helpful but unfortunately, many find out about this site because they lose their pet to Hartz poisons. I did notice fewer options on the shelves.. but Hartz has stood strong. I am vocal and will say what I can to get that changed.

    The loss of our cat, Bianca on 8/22/10 was horrific. My teenaged son was hysterical. She suffered a huge seizure and died within 3 minutes… Tell everyone you know.. about what Hartz did to your pet. I have saved 3 pets so far by explaining this site to potential walmart customers. They opted to not buy the product and check out this site and check with their vet first. just a small token that helps ease our loss, even if it saves one life, my Bianca’s life won’t be for nothing. So sad to see on this site how many pets have been lost just since this site was erected… something has to be done to stop Hartz from killing our pets!

  10. I’m very sorry about your loss! I know exactly how your pain feels. I put the Hartz Ultra Guard on my happy, sweet, HEALTHY dog. She did not show symptons for two days which was only salivating some. I kept checking teeth to make sure she didn’t do anything to them. Two days after that, she wouldn’t eat, was hyper-salivating, sick, and couldn’t walk.(None of these symptons are on the package) Took her to the vet, which they ran the IV’s for 24 hours. I took her home and cared for my baby there giving her muscle relaxers, trying to get her to eat. She was getting a litte better, but then delevoped pneumonia from the hyper-salivating. My sweet baby was so sick. We had no choice but to put her to sleep 9/25/10. My husband and I both loved her so much. She was full of life and it was NOT her time to go!!! Hopefully some time will help us heal…
    How can Hartz keep doing this!!!!???

  11. My Mom, too, wanted to save a few dollars by buying Hartz flea medication. Well, I quickly put her in her place! We went and got stuff at the vet’s office for Tiava’s fleas (well, she doesn’t actually have them, but, you know; just in case, right?), and when my Mom was looking at Hartz cat shampoo, I pulled her away REAL fast! Gave her a lecture right in the middle of the store! x3 Yeah… we were at PetSmart. Pet smart? How can they be? They sell CAT KILLING products, for Heaven’s sake! Every time I look at this site, I catch my breath, knowing that, if we had used these products (thank God, thank God, thank GOD I caught a glimpse of this site a few days before my Mom decided that we needed flea medication!!!), Tiava could be dead today! 🙁
    I hope you meet Lincoln again in Heaven! 🙁 I’m so sorry for your loss….

  12. I put the flea drops on my dog last night around midnight and she is not doing well at all. She will not drink. I have washed it off twice already, but I am afraid it has already been absorbed into her skin. IT is so sad to see my beloved family member dying from something that I assumed was safe. My heart is breaking because I did this to her. I am the one that is suppose to keep her safe. I can’t believe that this product is available and labeled safe and effective. It is pure poison. Keep us in your prayers. She is my little service dog. She is my ears as I can’t hear and she hears everything for me. Phone, door, microwave, smoke alarm, etc. etc. She is a member of the family. Sad and broken hearted in NC

  13. I am one of the lucky ones. My pawbaby pulled through after 52 hours of life and death battle from the flea drops. Also, effected was my other dog that has a lot thicker fur than the smallest one. I am so upset that this product is sold over the counter and is killing or maiming pets at an alarming rate. My little pawbabies eyes were so dilated that she could not see me. She was shaking and shivering and was so lethargic. I force fed her a few cc/s of water every few hours and the only recourse I had was to give her some benadryl at one milligram per pound of weight for her size. IT was a very long 52 hours to see if they would pull through. I gave them both 4 baths a piece in Dawn dishwashing liquid to get all the residue off of them. I had to wash 9 loads of clothes to be sure and remove any residue from towels, blankets, bedding, etc anything that they had come in contact with. They are not exactly back to themselves but they are not dying on me at this time either. I wish you all luck if you are using this product. For the pet owners that lost their precious babies, my deepest sympathy to you. I pray that this is taken off the market ASAP. I can’t belive I almost killed my pawbabies with a product that I deemed and the company deemed safe to you. God bless you all.

  14. It’s been a year since Hartz murdered my little Chloe. I am still devastated over losing her. She was there for me through my battle with cancer. She was my little angel in disguise. My vet won’t back me on my claims. Doesn’t want to get envolved. Needless to say I will never let her care for my pets again. My daughter gave me a chocolate and white Cocker Spaniel for Christmas of 2010. I play hell on the Hartz displays in the stores. I knock the products off the shelf and I tell people why I do it. I have a new vet for my Gracie and the name Hartz is a dirty word around him.

  15. I called “Gracie” a him. She is a beautiful little girl. God uses animals to reach us. The Bible say’s all living creatures have a soul. I know my little ” Chloe ” is in heaven with my loved ones. She was truly an angel in disguise. Going to Target to knock over a few Hartz displays. God bless!

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