Thank you.

I’ve used this Hartz Ultra Guard Pro without incedent (so far) on my outdoor cat, Mr. Cat. I’ve also used Sargeants Gold for Cats (and even recommended it to my family because it seemed to work so well.)

Today, I noticed some flea dirt coming off of my indoor cat, and she doesn’t generally get fleas. I immediately took out the Hartz and put it on her neck. About 10 minutes later I came across your site. I immediately felt panicked and took her to the kitchen sink for a scrub. She threw up her food this evening (but she also threw up, pre med, so I pray to GOD she has a hairball [yeah, sad to be praying for that right?])

Anyhow, after she got sick I took her up to the kitchen sink a second time for 2nd, more thorough rinse, this time with a little more dish soap. She absolutely HATES being held still, and she screamed bloody murder the whole time I was rinsing her off. She also bit me LOL… I think I got most of it off, and will happily wait for my Advantage to come in the mail. 🙂

Thank you for your site, for all the info, and for saving my darling Lady Luck from suffering (and as well for saving Mr. Cat for any future use of cheap products!). I always felt really awful about the smell, and felt like I was putting poison on my cats… Go with your gut, right??

Thanks again. Lady Luck & Mr. Cat are safe, healthy, happy, and can live one more day with a few little pesky fleas. It’s horrible to think that people have lost their babies because of these products. I will never “go the cheaper route” again. Thank you so much… I would die if I hurt either of my babies, they’re my little family 🙂

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