Close one

Home from work today. Yay! But why is my cat itching, twitching, and contorted in scratching poses constantly? A short inspection of her white fur led me to the culprit within seconds. FLEAS.

Alright, I’ve had cats in the past. I think I’ll just run up to Walgreens and grab some flea stuff, hit her with it, problem solved. I purchased Hartz Proguard from the local Walgreens (the only flea medication they sold) for $10. I had a cat a few years ago who died shortly after a flea treatment so I decided to hop on the intertube and see what sort of reviews this stuff had. I mean it came from Walgreens, I buy all sorts of stuff there OTC, it must be safe right?

Ooh what nasty reviews. Surely, these are overzealous consumers who are putting misplaced blame on a OTC product. If I search I’m sure I’ll find an expert debunking all these hateful people. Hmm… about 30 minutes later and having not found one single good review of this product I am beginning to think this website might just be the authority on Hartz.

Into the bath kitty goes! I’ll happily suffer clawed hands and she’ll forcibly suffer being soaked in order to wait a few days to see a real vet.

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  1. Jeez….they just agreed to stop using it for fear of hurting their animal. Chill out and reread in order to UNDERSTAND WHAT PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY SAYING.

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