Worst day of my life

Two nights ago my mother gave me one tube of hartz flea drops. I applied it to my 8 month old rag-doll kitten around 6 pm.  At 4am the next morning my boyfriend heard the cat scratching the carpet up (which she never does), when we got up and turned the light on she was lying on the ground foaming at the mouth. I picked her up and noticed that she was having a seizure. I immediately called the emergency animal hospital they told me that my kitten was having a reaction due to the Hartz flea drops and that I should bring her in. I was then told that it would cost me 150 dollars for them just to look at her. I knew that I would not be able to afford the whole cost once it was totaled so I had no other choice but to wait for the animal hospital down the street to open. At 9am… I had to watch my poor kitty twitch uncontrollably between each seizure. It was the most horrifying thing i had ever witnessed. And all I could think was that I did this to my baby, I put this product on her and now she is going to die.

Finally, at 9am when the hospital opened I brought her in. It was a devastating wait but 300 dollars later i found out that she lived and would be coming home with me later that day. I couldn’t be happier. All this happened because I trusted a product that said it kills fleas, not knowing it would almost kill my kitty.

The vet said that the clinical condition of my kitty was consistent with an overdose of topical flea medication (HARTZ FLEA DROPS)  How are they able to sell a product that kills innocent animals without any warning?

I swear that I will never purchase any Hartz product from this day forward, I will also tell everyone I know to do the same thing and so should you.

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  1. To “Worst day of my life”..I send this out a few times every year. I also refuse to buy ANY Hartz product-toys, collars, etc.

    OK, Yall..It’s that time again..yep..flea season. I find myself wanting to warn as many people as possible. I used to work for an Animal Emergency Clinic. If someone called & said their cat was “trembling-shaking-uncoordinated-having seizures-falling over”–The 1st question we were trained to ask was “Did you put flea treatment on them?” Why? Because if it was Hartz or Seargent’s, we were told to advise them to get that cat to the clinic ASAP!!!!! I have personally seen numerous cats die from this stuff. When it doesn’t kill them, it can still cause permanent liver, kidney, and/or neurological damage.

    If you doubt what I’m saying, go to…


    & read for yourself..It’ll break your heart. It’s also very dangerous for dogs-mainly small dogs-not AS deadly, but still, don’t think it’s ok to use this stuff on them either.
    If you have dogs or cats or know someone who does, PLEASE forward this to them!!! You could save the life of someone’s “baby”.
    I’m not crazy..honest! I just can’t believe they are still allowed to sell this stuff..If it affected people this way, they’d have pulled it from the shelves years ago!!


  2. I had a Chiu to die from harts flea drops drooling at the mouth,could not do anything when I found her is was to late,lost a loving pet she will b missed,they need to get it off the shelf be 4 it happens to someone else loving pet, so sad.

  3. i used Adams flea drops a few days ago on my 4 cats and my Niki, a once healthy 12 yr old cat has been drooling for a few days, won’t eat or drink this suck soo bad because i just had to put my Bud down 2 weeks ago becasue of kidneyu failure. I have bathed nikii and am taking syringes of water and forcing her to drink every now & then..this sucks so fricking bad …

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