Hartz needs to be recalled!

I recently bought Hartz Flea & Tick Spray, not looking at the name, but only surprised at how insanely cheap this medication (or more like poison) was compared to Frontline. I applied it to both of my cats, a tabby and a tortoiseshell. As soon as applying the product, my tabby began foaming and drooling, running around the house like the poor thing was on fire. My boyfriend & I immediately took both cats into the shower and washed them thoroughly… my tabby and tortoiseshell seemed fine, until a day and a half later. My tabby has foamed and drooled now twice today.

I love both very much, but I’ve had my tortoiseshell for the longest and she has a much more special place in my heart.. she hasn’t had the same reaction as my tabby, but she has become very lethargic compared to the extremely “cracked out cat”  she once was.

I don’t have the money to take them to a vet, but if anything happens to either of them, I am suing. And from the looks of all the the posts I’ve read ( which was nearly all of them), you all should be too!

This shit is poison & it needs to be removed from ALL stores. The people that have spent hundreds in medical bills for their animals just to keep them alive  after using Hartz,  should be compensated!

After calling Hartz emergency hot line, and complaining to a woman about my poor cat, her response is “Well our product isn’t designed to kill animals.” No joke, that was her only response, and then she took my animals name for a case.

This is RIDICULOUS, and we all need to get together to get this shit out of stores, and away from unknowing consumers who pick Hartz because they’re trying to find a cheaper alternative to killing fleas.

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  1. MeiMei.. if you find out any way to go against Hartz.. count me in.. I tell everyone I know .. and even people I don’t know.. everytime in Kmart/Walmart.. not to buy it. check out this site first. Many people thanked me.. 15 and counting in my home town.. 15 lives saved so far.. Makes the loss of my pet a little bit easier.. knowing she didn’t die in vain.

  2. I gave my pom a flea dip an now he is gone he startd acting funny an wouldnt eat an 2days later he has past so dnt use any of there product

  3. I am sorry that you are experiencing this, but if you do not take your pets to a vet, then you will have no proof for a lawsuit. Also, you will not be able to afford to retain a lawyer.

  4. This is ridiculous to hear and learn of after the fact…why is it not public/common information about the dangers of this company’s product? For the first time ever my indoor cats have fleas. I got this product not knowing it was so horrible. Called the vet to find out what if anything would be a reaction because of never using these types of products before. Three hours after applying it the vet finally got back to me and told me to wash it off immediately with warm water and dawn soap. I did, but honestly am still worried and watching my cats closely since they’ve seemed lethargic since. Keeping my fingers crossed that they are okay; I’d never forgive myself if anything happens even though I didn’t know not to use it. Someone needs to regulate what can and cannot be out there for animals!!!

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