R.I.P Oliver

Hello everyone,

I am writing this because I am very VERY angry. Our 2 and a half year old orange tabby Oliver died last night because of SERGEANT’S GOLD SQUEEZE ON FOR CATS flea and tick treatment. Oliver was an extremely healthy and loving cat. In a little more than 24 hours he went from playing with his favorite toy, a laser, to dead. On Wednesday August 31, 2010 we applied some of this horrible product. We followed the directions accurately. On Thursday he was acting different. He had been hiding all day and refused to play with his laser. That night we decided to take him to the emergency room for precautionary reasons. The veterinarian suggested we leave him in the hospital over night for observation. We left the vet’s office at 10:45 PM. At about 12:00am, an hour and 15 minutes after we had left him we got a phone call from the hospital. That was probably one of the worst if not the worst phone call I’ve ever received. The vet said that we applied the medication correctly and that Oliver had only ingested a minimal amount of it. The problem was that his skin absorbed the product and it got into his bloodstream causing organ failure. There was nothing the veterinarians could do to save him. I could not sleep that night. I kept thinking about all the forums I read  online that I didn’t believe. I honestly thought my cat was going to be just fine because he was eating and still came out of hiding for treats. Little did I know that this product was slowly killing him. PLEASE believe me when I say DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. The veterinarians told us that these over the counter products are NOT safe. I know that the flea medications that are prescribed by a veterinarians are expensive, but I would pay 10,000 times that to have Oliver back.  Please please please spread the word about these medications. I’ve had animals my entire life and I never knew how dangerous they were. I don’t understand how it is even allowed to be on the market. Sergeant’s website even says that when used properly it is safe on animals. THIS IS A LIE. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Please find any other alternative to treat fleas. Because in the end I would take a flea infested Oliver as oppose to no Oliver at all.

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  1. Im so sorry to hear about Oliver. I just posted something. My healthy, strong dog Lincoln passed this morning. We too applied the drops. The same day, he collapsed. It was a horrible, slow, tortorous death!

    We are devestated. Empty. Angry. Lost.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I would pay a million times more to have our beloved Lincoln back.

  2. Sorry to hear about Oliver. I, too, am devastated for your loss. I lost my 3 yr old gray cat, Bianca on 8/22/2010 (Sunday). She died within 3 minutes. Terrible seizures and heart stopped rather quickly. My son and I could not comprehend how quickly Hartz killed my cat. My son and I now go to the pet dept of Walmart and Kmart everytime we go, and tell customers thinking of buying the product to check this site first and check with their vet too. The savings of buying a cheap flea treatment will be offset by huge vet bills if we are lucky.. loss of our loved pets if unlucky.

    Please accept our heartfelt condolences for your loss of Oliver.. Maybe together over time, we can get the word out about Hartz and save our pets… even if it is one person at a time.

  3. To “R.I.P. Oliver”..I’m so sorry you lost you baby Oliver to this poison.
    I hope this doesn’t offend in any way…I send this out a few times every year. Please send it around, change it or personalize it as you feel you need to. I also refuse to buy ANY Hartz product-toys, collars, etc.

    OK, Yall..It’s that time again..yep..flea season. I find myself wanting to warn as many people as possible. I used to work for an Animal Emergency Clinic. If someone called & said their cat was “trembling-shaking-uncoordinated-having seizures-falling over”–The 1st question we were trained to ask was “Did you put flea treatment on them?” Why? Because if it was Hartz or Sergeant’s, we were told to advise them to get that cat to the clinic ASAP!!!!! I have personally seen numerous cats die from this stuff. When it doesn’t kill them, it can still cause permanent liver, kidney, and/or neurological damage.

    If you doubt what I’m saying, go to…


    & read for yourself..It’ll break your heart. It’s also very dangerous for dogs-mainly small dogs-not AS deadly, but still, don’t think it’s ok to use this stuff on them either.
    If you have dogs or cats or know someone who does, PLEASE forward this to them!!! You could save the life of someone’s “baby”.
    I’m not crazy..honest! I just can’t believe they are still allowed to sell this stuff..If it affected people this way, they’d have pulled it from the shelves years ago!!


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